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Setting desktop scaling to 1.2 on first start causes problems with other settings.
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Using Elive 3.8.24 with latest enlightenment 0.24.2+18+git36dac31c8f-6buster18 amd64

When on first start of E24 and the scaling is set to 1.2, the desktop becomes unstable. If i.e in "settings, look, virtual desktops" one tries to move the slider to 3 the whole desktop freezes.
This does not happen if scaling is left to the default 1.0 scale.

Sometimes when changing the scaling the desktop freezes or goes black showing only the pointer and a cursor top-left .... requiring a new all cases setting changes are not saved.

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triantares updated the task description. (Show Details)Nov 12 2021, 3:07 AM
raster added a subscriber: raster.Nov 12 2021, 7:00 AM

how interesting. 1.2 seems to cause this. it seems to create a massive size of something and eat through memory until it runs out of ram or something. i have to have a look.

raster closed this task as Resolved.Nov 12 2021, 11:17 AM

fixed by fc5ec2b00c102f8bd667346151b3206c5e140ebb

all packages updated