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Winlist + Mouse problem
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EFL and Enlightenment from Git on FreeBSD 12.2 (I don't think it is FreeBSD-specific problem).

There is a strange problem in WinList module when it is used with mouse bindings. The problem is simple to reproduce, it is always present in the following conditions:

  1. Create mouse binding for an additional mouse button like 'Extra button -> Window : List ->Next Window'
  2. Start multiple applications, so multiple windows are present on the screen
  3. Minimize (iconify) an application
  4. Check if it can be shown correctly using the default keyboard binding for WinList (alt-tab) - normally it is the case, the minimized application can be shown correctly using keyboard
  5. When the application has focus - minimize (iconify) it again
  6. Use mouse binding to show WinList window, use mouse scroll wheel to select the minimized application (the preview is shown)
  7. Left-click the minimized application in WinList window to select it

The minimized application window should be shown over other windows, it should get focus. This is the case when any other (not minimized) application is selected.
When the minimized application is selected:

  • the window is NOT shown
  • there is no way to show the application window without restart of Enlightenment (alt-tab does not work either).

<- see that. i did just what you described above. 3 windows. 2 terminals, 1 elm test. i minimize elm test. i bring it back with alt tab. i bound an extra mouse btn to winlist next or winlist show- doesn't matter - same result. i can bring it back - wheel work s (though why use wheel when you are going to click on it anyway?)

Terminology with Firefox & others behind

Sorry, upload was corrupted

I do not think the window disappeared. its just below firefox. try just moving firefox out of the way.

But I don't see the problems you see (as you can see in my videos)... I can only imaging the window is there just below firefox... you know ctrl+alt up and down arrow raise/lower a window? you can lower firefox to see...

BTW your video looks a bit odd. it's very jerky... i see corruptions and weirs stuff... like:

Yes, the video has some artifacts due to your favorite NVIDIA GPU (I am alerted by the recording software, but I don't want to change the NVIDIA settings just for the recording).
As about window - no, it is not below Firefox. I can minimize all windows one by one - the first window is not shown. Even worse - if I minimize several windows - they are still not shown after focusing them by mouse-driven WinList, even after restart of E, I need to bring them over, one by one, using alt-tab, to access them later with mouse-started WinList.
It seems that for Enlightenment the window IS shown as in some tests I even lose mouse events in the window shown, like if they went to a 'transparent' window shown over it.
Is it possible to 'force' the redraw of this window?

well ... i can't see the problem... i really can't know what's happening - there is just so so so much code and logic that i can't even guess. it shouldn't disappear. I don't see this as an nvidia issue though - if the window disappears then the window really has gone - either e is hiding it or the app is - in this case likely e is hiding it.. but i don't know why - i don't see it happen so i have no idea how it gets into this state. if e thinks the window is there you should at least see the outline of a border/frame and the window content be empty if something is wrong with the client pixmap...

No, I don't see the outline of a border/frame.
Note, that just before closing WinList, when I select the window using mouse crollbar, it IS shown. It disappears when I click to close WinList. I think it is an important detail.
As I can see the problem, how can I try to debug it? As for now, this is the most important bug in the last version of E, I really want to get it fixed before updating the FreeBSD ports of EFL and E.

Heh... I could fix it!
I removed ~/.e directory and reconfigured E 'from scratch', after this I cannot reproduce the problem.
Raster, do you want to digg into my old config (I have a backup), or I close the task?

I see another thing changed in WinList since the replacement of E config - on change the active item in the WinList, the window of the item selected does not change visibility (before the replacement it was coming just behind WinList window, and I could see the content). It can be related to the problems I had.

oooh so something in config...

so can you do a diff of your config. i'm mostly interested in the core config so:

eet -d e.cfg config out.txt

do that to both your current e.cfg and the previous one and diff them? what has changed. the next might be doing the same to e_bindings.cfg .. i doubt anything in e_comp will affect this

The diff is huge, there are very many remembers in the old config (I did not set them manually!!)
The most interesting difference I found is some winlist values set to 0 now (they were set to 1):

value "winlist_list_uncover_while_selecting" int: 0;
value "winlist_list_focus_while_selecting" int: 0;
value "winlist_list_raise_while_selecting" int: 0;

I don't know if it is important.

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