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Vertical IBar - icon titles cut etc.
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If IBar is placed on the left side of screen - icon titles are not shown correctly

The indicators of active icon are shown at different sides for different icons

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unfortunately i don't have a solution - the overlayed label is centered - it doesn't have any signals to tell it orientation - in fact ibar doesnt do this to any icons. my solution is probably just "turn the label off". :) you know what the icons are anyway... :)

Why isn't it possible to change the titles alignment to 'left' from 'center' when IBar has a left-side position on the screen, and to 'right' from 'center' when it is placed on the right side?
What about badly placed indicator of Nheko icon?

ok - i had to both teach code to emit signals to left/right align when in vertical mode and to handle them in theme too as you want - that's why i ha no solution. needed new code and new theme stuff

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Text alignment is fixed in Enlightenment 0.25.3.
The problem of indicators cannot be reproduced anymore, I suppose that it was fixed as well.