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Undocumented next/prev/mode? commands for eesh focus in E16 1.0.24
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eesh help focus does not list the next, prev or mode ? commands. Should these be added to FocusIpcArray in src/focus.c?

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They may as well be documented, I guess, so done.
However, the next and prev commands are rather obscure and I have considered removing them on numerous occasions.
Are you actually using them?

I did use them until recently when I wrote a sloppy patch to add an eesh focus set $WINDOWID command that does what next/prev do without unshading or raising the window like eesh wop $WINDOWID focus does. A bind uses the command to switch windows on current area sorted by their Y, X, W, and H values instead of their stacking order. It is easier to navigate back and forth when I can visually determine which window is next or previous from the current based on its location and size to the others. Maybe next/prev could have an option to do this sorting internally.