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Where should we hold the Enlightenment Developer Days 2017?

Asked by stefan_schmidt on Nov 4 2016, 3:45 AM.

In the last years the EDDs location was given either due to following LinuxCon EU around or by having only one option for the location. For 2017 we seeked location proposals and wanted to get some feedback on them before we go further in one direction.

With this vote we want to get a feeling on what locations make sense. We have been very EU centric with our EDDs so far (only one in US) because we see our community mostly situated in Europe. By keeping it nearby we wanted to allow more people to attend (to avoid huge airfares, etc). This time we also have proposals for more distributed locations. With your votes you can show if that would make sense or not.

Please keep in mind that this vote is by no means binding (as in the option with the most votes will be the final location). There are to many other factors to consider. But we will strongly take this vote into the final decision.

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tasn added a subscriber: tasn.Nov 16 2016, 12:44 AM

Just a couple of thoughts:
We already did Edinburgh and Paris recently.
Edinburgh and London are fairly expensive (even with the recent currency devaluation).

We will close this poll at the 31.12.2016.