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What date would suit you best for the EDD 2017 in Malta?

Asked by stefan_schmidt on Mar 31 2017, 6:35 AM.

To bring the EDD 2017 planning forward we now want to know which dates would suite the attendees best.
As location we have now found a venue in Malta which was one of the two top choices from the location voting.

Below are the three dates we propose. All of them are in June for simple reasons that we need to prepare things which makes earlier unrealistic and we also want to avoid the holiday season starting July. If there are strong arguments to reconsider this please either raise them on the mailing list or in the comments here.

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The vote will close on Sunday 9th of April

Hi Guys to give you an update I am the person working and representing the Malta Linux User Group and workign with Stefan and others to determine which country things will be held in. I am looking forward to the potential of having the developers conference here in malta, as well as getting into development of enlightenment as well.