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Should the --enable-i-really-know-what-i-am-doing-and.... be removed from efl configure?

Asked by zmike on Oct 19 2017, 10:12 AM.

Background: One day, many years ago, a Gentoo user came into #e on IRC asking about configure options. A certain community member who strongly dislikes Gentoo responded at the time, and then decided to make it harder for Gentoo users to use our configure options by adding this flag. Soon after, the Gentoo ebuild maintainers changed the ebuild to automatically append this flag and circumvent the issue. The flag has been changed a couple times since it was originally been added, but Gentoo maintainers have updated their packages swiftly each time and the option has not been changed since 2015.

It is my opinion that:

  • it never achieved the results for which it was intended
  • it has always been annoying
  • it is especially annoying for users on distributions which do not provide e.g., bullet, which we regard as a mandatory dependency even though I'm only aware of two projects which have ever used it--neither of which have been relevant or updated in many years

Removing this option will improve user/developer experience with our build system while having no tangible downside.

zmike created this poll.Oct 19 2017, 10:12 AM
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for the record, the one in Enlightenment to disable some stupid checks could be removed as well. defines -i-really-know-what-i-am-doing-and-accept-full-responsibility-for-it to set really_know = 1:

if (!really_know)
     TS("Test File Format Support");
     TS("Test File Format Support Done");

That's a completely different topic which I will not discuss in this unrelated thread.

who strongly dislikes Gentoo

If you mean me... then you are flat wrong here. I dislike that they maintain an EBUILD where it is trivial for people to shoot themselves in the foot. Where an option might exist but degrade some functionality (like the xcb backend for ecore_x) and so on, then users with no idea of what they are actually changing, alter a build, then end up coming to us with "stuff doesn't work". It has nothing to do with disliking Gentoo. It has to do with making it far too easy to shoot yourself in the foot and this adds a "safety switch". Yes - they just add it by default in the EBUILDS, but the effort was to stop people from being able to easily shoot themselves in the foot.

zmike closed this poll.Nov 8 2017, 9:07 AM