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Will you attend the Enlightenment Developer Days 2019?

Asked by stefan_schmidt on Sep 13 2019, 4:27 AM.

The developer days will be: Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of November, 2019, Barcelona, Spain

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cedric added a subscriber: cedric.Sep 13 2019, 9:29 AM

@stefan_schmidt you do love voting! We should organize some live vote during EFL dev days ;-)

vtorri added a subscriber: vtorri.Sep 30 2019, 2:19 PM

plane reserved

Hermet added a subscriber: Hermet.Oct 24 2019, 4:54 AM

it's shame that i couldn't make it to go to edd 19, at least i tried to send one rendering guy here for sharing working core tasks but it didn't work.