Interesting stuff on E

Interesting things you may want to know about E, EFL and development in general.

Coverity Scan has Elementary at a defect rate of ZERO

According to Coverity we hit a major milestone today. Elementary now has a defect rate of ZERO. 0. NADA. That's something to be proud of. We still have to improve EFL and Enlightenment (EFL is at 0.52 and Enlightenment at 0.66). The average for "good quality commercial code" is 1.0, so we're doing well either way, but we can do better. Take Elementary as a lead.

Eet compared with JSON - Eet comes out on top

Given the mainstream can't figure out what to use (XML, JSON... what's next?), Eet manages to lead hands-down when compared to JSON

Simple EFL vs QML comparison, again !

A few weeks ago someone who knew QtQuick wrote a small application to compare it with EFL. You can see it here. I have been looking for years for a decent way to compare them. So here we are. Thanks a lot!

Enlightenment and EFL backing Wayland

Enlightenment is backing Wayland for our future display system, and for now has no plans concerning Mir.

EFL memory consumption - MOO!

During development of EFL for 1.8 memory usage has increase along with new features. Here I went on a rampage with my new CoW.

Improving scaling of image data with Evas and OpenGL

Better quality downscaling with Evas, OpenGL and Shaders.