Enlightenment and EFL backing Wayland

Enlightenment is backing Wayland for our future display system, and for now has no plans concerning Mir.

There has been a lot of kerfuffle about Ubuntu's new effort to make Mir, their new display server. It has been made plain that this isn't A Wayland Compositor but is a whole new thing unrelated to Wayland, or X11.

Regardless, there has been some dubious reasoning as to why Mir should exist etc., but that aside, at this stage it is very immature and not much is able to be said one way or another. Time will tell.

The purpose of this post is to make it clear, that we here in the Enlightenment world are backing Wayland already, and will continue to do so. We have been backing it for a while now, with a port of EFL to Wayland already working, with input, display, OpenGL-ES2 and software shared memory rendering, client side decorations and more. We also have support for Wayland clients in E17 (under X11) and there is work going on to make Enlightenment support being a pure Wayland compositor using KMS/DRM etc.

It is our belief that supporting open community driven standards like Wayland that allow for us all to agree and work together, and yet still allow for individual expression per desktop environment (by making your own compositor that speaks Wayland protocol) will ultimately succeed. There is nothing technically wrong with Wayland at all, and nothing about the Mir project seems at this stage to change that. We don't intend to do any work to support Mir, and carrying extra Mir rendering engines and display system support will be an added burden that we are not keen on, even if someone were to do the work. We already maintain a lot of back-end rendering engines and display system abstractions, and the cost is considerable to maintain. I don't see any value in adding to that when there is no fundamental difference between Wayland an Mir on any technical level in terms of capabilities.

We wish the Mir develops all the best of luck in their endeavors, but we will, for the foreseeable future, throw our efforts behind Wayland support, along with our GTK+/GNOME and Qt/KDE etc. counterparts.