EFL and friends 1.13.0 alpha 1

A bunch of fresh new tarballs with our latest work waiting for your testing before we can go into the final stages of releases.

EFL, Elementary and friends 1.13 alpha tarballs

The merge window for 1.13 closed today which means it is time for an alpha tarball of what we have been working on over the last two months. You can find the generated NEWS file content below. They might get updated over the next weeks before the final release but still should give you a rough idea what this release will bring you.


Its getting a long post so the most important stuff upfront. Downloads. :-)


What's New



  • Edje: Set the min, max sizes of the image automatically.
  • elocation: Add elocation libraray to EFL.
  • Evas GL: Introduce concept of safe extensions
  • edje: Edje_Edit - add generation of 'limits' parameter of group in EDC.
  • eolian: add support for @optional ctor tag (T1804)
  • Eet: add diffeet a tool for diffing eet files.
  • edje entry: improve selection performance
  • evas_object_main: Keep map effect after evas object move
  • eet - add new api to verify eet file against stored cert
  • evas: Evas_3D - add bounding sphere, revision frustum culling
  • evas: Evas_3D - add mesh blending mode.
  • Evas GL: Add support for bind_wayland_display extension
  • Evas: Evas_3D - Add check of visibilty node.
  • ecore: Add a new API function ecore_main_loop_nested_get
  • ecore: Add code for new API function 'ecore_main_loop_nested_get'
  • eldbus: Add API function declaration for eldbus_proxy_send_and_block
  • eldbus: Add actual API function code for eldbus_proxy_send_and_block
  • eeze: Add API function declaration for find_by_subsystem_sysname
  • eeze: Add API function for eeze_udev_find_by_subsystem_sysname
  • ecore-drm: Port ecore_drm to use libinput
  • ecore-drm: Merge port to libinput
  • evil: add getpwnam() function
  • ecore-drm: Handle various touch events
  • edje: Edje_Edit - generate alias parameter for 'parts' block.
  • edje: Edje_Edit - add API for program actions PLAY_SAMPLE and PLAY_TONE
  • edje: Edje_Edit - add generation of 'filter' parameter of program
  • +eina_memdup
  • edje: support anti_alias option
  • edje: Edje_Edit - add API for renaming of image.
  • Evas masking: Use alpha mask in SW engine draw functions
  • Evas masking: Add clip_image_[un]set functions to draw context
  • Evas masking: Allow setting an image object as clipper
  • Evas masking: Implement mask support in evas_render


  • edje_calc: fix image set bug.
  • ecore_drm: Added internal function for drm output updates when device is hotplug
  • ecore-wayland: Fix the issue of UnIconifying an xdg_surface
  • Fix bug ecore_imf_context_cursor_position_set was not called when cursor was moved by ECORE_IMF_CALLBACK_SELECTION_SET
  • edje_cc: fix log message for authors write procedure.
  • Evas GL: Fix bug in evgl_eng_pbuffer_surface_create (EGL)
  • ecore_anim: fix source_set bug.
  • edje: fix wrong generation of 'minmul' and 'text.min' parameters in EDC.
  • edje: add formating for floating point numbers in EDC.
  • eldbus-codegen: Make generated code for property set work by setting the cb
  • evas/3d: Fix dereferencing a pointer that might be null found by coverity
  • Eo: protect against recursive object destruction calls, fixes T1741 (T1741)
  • ecore-drm: fix error check of _device_flags_set function
  • eldbus-codegen: Free msg on error path for generated code.
  • eldbus-codegen: More memory leak fixes for generated code.
  • textblock: correct text position for RTL text with margins
  • evas/map: correct last 1 pixel handling in spans.
  • ecore-drm: remove unnecessary setting file's flag of O_RDWR that are ignored.
  • ecore-drm: close fd handle if _ecore_drm_tty_setup() is failed in ecore_drm_tty_open().
  • ecore-drm: Sending Active to login1.Session
  • ecore-drm: pass appropriate arguments to eldbus_message_arguments_get(), so that it can be return as success in _cb_device_resumed().
  • evas_map: Remove unnecessary check for current map
  • ecore_evas_x: Fixed strange condition.
  • evas: Evas_3D - fix depth texture size.
  • Evas textblock: Fix possibly null dereference.
  • ecore-wayland: Fixed a request of start_drag with null value
  • ecore-wayland: Check if system has mouse in ecore_wl_input
  • evas-gl: Fix improper #ifdef check
  • evas-gl: Fix evas-gl to compile for EGL
  • ecore-wayland: If we fail to create a new opaque region, safely exit the function.
  • ecore-wayland: Check return of input_region create and get our safely
  • ecore-wayland: No need for setting the input here as it's done again directly below.
  • ecore-wayland: Add safety check for window surface creation
  • ecore-wayland: Add safety check for xdg_popup creation
  • ecore-wayland: Check for xdg_surface before sending ack_configure
  • Evas GL: Add preventive padding after Evas_GL_API
  • evas: Evas_3D - fix typo.
  • autotools: fix compiling/linking gl engines on OSX.
  • ecore con: Fix GnuTLS build error.
  • ecore-drm: Remove erroneous debug messages
  • ecore/animator: fix the bezier cubic compuation.
  • eldbus: Fix _eldbus_connection_send_and_block()
  • eldbus: Add timeout parameter to eldbus_proxy_send_and_block()
  • ecore-evas-wayland: Fix issue with ELM_PROFILE=mobile and windows not showing up correctly.
  • eeze_scanner needs to hash on the address of the pointer and not use direct_add() (T1612)
  • ecore/animator: fix the wrong computation of bezier cubic.
  • evas_xcb_outbuf: fix memory leak
  • ethumb: Fixing eina_init to eina_shutdown.
  • ecore-drm: Fix error message typo
  • ecore-drm: Fix formatting
  • ecore-drm: Cleanup structures in private header
  • ecore-drm: Fix ecore_drm_launcher_device_close to not cause segfaults
  • ecore_audio: fix memory leak in ecore_audio_pulse.
  • edge: fix memory leak and removed redundant return statement.
  • ecore-drm: Added cleanup data code as a error handling of connect logind.
  • ecore_drm: Removed unused variables in ecore_drm_evdev
  • ecore-drm: cleanup data when failed to setup tty.
  • ecore-drm: restore VT to text mode when close tty.
  • ecore-drm: fix passing wrong argument to open().
  • ecore-drm: Remove libinput log print callback
  • ecore-drm: Fix usage of EINA_LIST_FREE
  • ecore-drm: Add output size to device structure and add internal function for setting size
  • ecore-drm: Add internal function to set the output size in the input device structure
  • ecore-drm: Transform touch events into output coordinates
  • ecore-drm: Update pointer motion event coordinates
  • ecore-evas-drm: Create inputs before we create outputs
  • ecore-evas-drm: Fix up error handling
  • ecore-drm: Also update device calibration when output size changes
  • ecore-drm: Finish implementing touch events
  • ecore-drm: Don't declare sprite variable unless we need it, also fix some formatting.
  • eldbus: Fix possible null dereference reported by Coverity (CID1256952)
  • evas-gl-common: Fix issue with Coverity reporting null dereferences (CID1257607, CID1257606)
  • ecore-drm: Free devices before we release the libinput reference
  • edje: Removed redundant assignement of rest_args.
  • ecore_con: Added NULL check in dns_so_reset() for dns_socket object.
  • ecore-drm: add error handling, when fail to setup tty.
  • eldbus: Fix crash when removing the last reference of the message container inside of the message callback (T1908)
  • eet: fix memory leak in eet_cipher
  • evas: fix memory leak in evas_swapper.
  • eeze: add null check condition in eeze scanner module.
  • evas: fix memory leak issues in evas_object_textgrid.
  • efreet: pass the correct option from the user input.
  • ecore: fix memory leak issues.
  • eina: fix memory leak issue in Eina_Value.
  • evil: fix memory leak issue in evil_dirent module.
  • edje: add tween images into generated code for the group.
  • edje: fix memory leak in edje_edit_source_generate.
  • Edje_Edit: Add sound samples into generated code for the group.
  • evas/gl_x11: set EGL_PLATFORM environment variable
  • ecore_con: the timer callback is waiting for the Eo object not its private data. (T1962)
  • edje: Edje_Edit - remake deletion and replacing of strings
  • ecore-evas: Fix compiler warnings about inproper returns
  • eina_cxx: Fix eina::accessor for C++ Eo wrappers
  • eina_cxx: Fix eina::array cend method recursive calling itself
  • edje: Edje_Edit - add Proxy to Edje_Part_Collection_Directory_Entry initializatoin.
  • eet: Remove unused variable
  • ecore-evas-drm: Perform shutdown in proper order
  • ecore-drm: Fix incorrect launcher shutdown procedure
  • ecore-drm: Fix issue with TakeControl and ReleaseControl functions
  • edje - fix uninitialized coord sizes if swallow obj is invalid
  • evas textgrid - fix drawing of codepoints that are 0
  • ecore_evas_drm: Added support for initial rotation in ecore_evas_drm
  • ecore-wayland: Simplify opaque and input region handling.
  • ecore-evas-wayland: Fix min/max size calculations
  • ecore: fix compilation, missing return value in ecore_thread_wait
  • evas:fix markup text length issue
  • ecore_imf: Add null check condition in ecore_imf module
  • ecore_evas_x: Free XCounter values leak.
  • eo: Fix bad addressing in _eo_classes array
  • ecore-evas-wayland: Port fix of min/max size calculations to the configure event handler
  • ecore_evas/wayland_egl: Set alpha of ecore_evas object if parent alpha is set
  • evas: Fix unintentional integer overflow (CID1261436)
  • edje: Fix Coverity CID1261437
  • ecore_imf/scim: Fix logically dead code in scim module (CID1261449)
  • edje - edje_cc - fix wrong state lists where default is not the first (T1926)
  • efl - edje_cc - fix default state checks in previous commit
  • Eo tests: Fix bad free in eo_test_value



  • config font hinting api added
  • Scroller: Add step size set API
  • theme/e/shelf: Add a translucent style.
  • elm config: add key bindings for elm_actionslider
  • List: Focus highlight when loop is enable
  • win: Support elm_win style change and runtime theme change.
  • win: Support runtime alpha window switch on theme change.
  • Transit: Support BEZIER CURVE
  • Genlist: added the clicked,right event on items
  • genlist: add "scroll" smart call
  • Gengrid: new signal: clicked,right with proper test
  • List: new signal: clicked,right with simple test
  • Icon theme: added standard freedesktop names.
  • Added the elm_win_util_dialog_add() API function
  • elm_image now inherits edje signal emit
  • fileselector: added a search icon
  • +elm_win_fake(), ELM_WIN_FAKE type


  • elm_box: inappropriate size_hint_align value usage fix
  • transit: free the map resource.
  • DBUS Menu: fixing SIGSEV and SIGBUS when trying to use dbus.
  • datetime: Fix edc sizing issue by putting fixed: 1 1.
  • win: set config engine on higher priority than DISPLAY env var
  • genlist: Fix genlist crash issue when clearing genlist on item focus callback.
  • test_external.edc: pulse value have to be true for put in pulsing mode.
  • win: Fix wrong return value of window theme apply.
  • elm_label: Add "slide,end" signal emission
  • elm_widget: Pass Elm_Object_Item *item as *event_info in item->del_func.
  • modules: Make sure we have all linker flags setup for our modules. (T1920)
  • elm/image: Fix an unclipped issue about image bigger than object size
  • elm_colorselector: fix not intended duplication
  • elm_colorselector: Fix layout broken in ELM_COLORSELECTOR_ALL mode
  • add clipper for gadget popup shine
  • genlist should ignore no-select items when moving with the keyboard
  • elm_toolbar: fix memory leak in _elm_toolbar_nearest_visible_item_get
  • elm_genlist: add missing callback call
  • gengrid: Add missing "moved" callback call on item reorder by key.
  • gengrid, genlist, list, toolbar: Fix memory leak and enhance performance.
  • elm_colorselector: Fixed to get proper min size with picker only mode
  • test_gengrid.c: Fixed Item_Data array size for prevent buffer overflow.
  • box layout should not silently fail when size is less than min size hint
  • Elm_Entry: Fix dropped text data insertion
  • genlist: unselect item if the select mode is display only or none.
  • genilst: unselect items if the genlist select mode is display only or none.
  • elementary: Fix DnD to work again in wayland
  • elementary: Fix return values to use Eina_Bool
  • elementary: Fix issue with event data causing an invalid free
  • elm_diskselector.c: idle enterer add condition changed.
  • elm_segment_control: Fix elm_object_item_text_set bug.
  • colorselector: memory leak fix in _color_bars_add
  • genlist: cancel multi selected items.
  • elm progressbar - fix invalid access to freed units string
  • elm filesel - fix eio access of widget data after de in eio threads
  • theme: fix misprint in popup style alias name
  • elm_image: Fixed to have exact size using elm_image_fill_outside_set()
  • elm_widget: elm_object_disabled_set API fix
  • elm - elm image orientation api fix - major bug in implementation
  • DnD: fix callbacks deletion for inline windows.

Evas Generic Loaders

No significant changes in this release.

Emotion Generic Players

No significant changes in this release.

Written by stefan_schmidt on Jan 12 2015, 5:56 AM.