EFL Dev Day US 2015

We am very happy to announce that this year we are going to try to
setup two EFL Dev Days. One early this year in the US and another one
later this year in Europe. This post is about the first one.

It will be on March 26 in Samsung Research America new office in
Mountain View. Just after ELC. Their will be no entrance fee, but we
require people to register in advance so we can plan things nicely.
Please do so by voting on

For now, it is time to do the call for paper.

The first half of the day will have shorter presentations, around 40min
(approximately 20 min of presentation, 15 min of question/demo and 5
min to switch to the next talk), dedicated to introducing the technologies
and software that make EFL. We are targeting an audience with little to
no experience using EFL; keep this in mind while preparing your talks.
However, the talk should still be relevant to anyone contributing to EFL

The second half of the day will have longer time slots for technical
demonstrations, around 1 hour and 30 minutes (approximately 1 hour
of technical presentation with demo, 25 min of questions/debate and 5
min switch time).

A possible example for a small talk would be:
"An introduction to EvasSceneGraph: how it works and what we've learned from it."
An example for a longer talk is:
"Wayland, what has been done, what needs to be done and issue that need to be solved."
With your title, please provide a 1-2 paragraph abstract that describes
your talk, and whether you are planning a morning or afternoon session.

Please send your proposal to <efl-dev-day-cfp@lists.s-osg.org> with
the title of your proposal in the title of the mail, the time specified at
the end of the subject in parenthesis and in the body the abstract of
your proposal. Please post with a valid email so we can ask further
precision if necessary.
Call for Paper deadline is 2015-02-20

Written by stefan_schmidt on Jan 20 2015, 12:14 AM.