EFL and friends 1.14.0 alpha 1

A bunch of fresh new tarballs with our latest work waiting for your testing before we can go into the final stages of releases.

EFL, Elementary and friends 1.14 alpha tarballs

The merge window for 1.14 closed today which means it is time for an alpha tarball of what we have been working on over the last two months. You can find the generated NEWS file content below. They might get updated over the next weeks before the final release but still should give you a rough idea what this release will bring you.


Its getting a long post so the most important stuff upfront. Downloads. :-)


What's New



  • edje: add of model lookups.
  • evas: Evas_3D - ColorPick mechanism finding node and mesh in scene.
  • evas/gl_x11: introduce tbm native surface type
  • evas/software_x11: implement native surface set for x11 type
  • evas/software_x11: implement tbm native surface type
  • edje: Edje_Edit - functions to edit layouts of BOX parts
  • evas: Evas_3D - callbacks for Evas 3D.
  • Edje: new set/get API omogeneous, paddings and align for BOX/TABLE in Edje Edit
  • ecore_con_url: add ecore_con_url_head()
  • edje: add camera properties to edje_cc.
  • Edje: Edje_Edit - setter and getter for min param of TABLE/BOX parts
  • edje: Adding the zoom effect of map to edje
  • Evas GL: Automatic fallback to indirect rendering when the scene has not changed.
  • ecore-drm: Add function to return the pointer xy of Ecore_Drm_Device
  • ecore-drm: Implement edid parsing for Ecore_Drm_Output
  • edje color classes can now have text descriptions
  • Evas GL: Add support for Evas GL 3.0
  • Eolian: add API to return the class from a function.
  • ecore-drm: add ecore_drm_devices_get to get the list of drm devices
  • evas: Support bitmap embedded color font. (T2139)
  • Eolian: add API to determine if a function is implemented.
  • edje: add edje_color_class_active_iterator_new()
  • ecore_evas - eetpack utility for packing files (imgs) into eet files
  • edje: add part.desc.rel.{to,to_x,to_y} keywords
  • edje: allow empty part.desc.inherit; statements to autoinherit default desc


  • Edje: edje_edit - fix Segmentation Fault on new BOX part
  • evas text: fix _ellipsis_get to return -1.0 on failure.
  • eina: fix eina_bench.c compilation error.
  • Evas masking: Fix some garbage pixels with the SW engine
  • Evas masking: Fix potential issues with map & masking
  • Evas masking: Force BLEND mode in case of image masking (GL)
  • ecore-drm should not use sscanf when getting logind vt
  • eina: correctly handle and report Eina_File error on Windows.
  • eina: fix Eina_Log to only try to free non deleted log.
  • eolian: add right extension to eolian_gen if we are on Windows
  • eio: check that the file to be monitored is not an empty string.
  • ecore: directly allocating and freeing Ecore_Win32_Handler variable.
  • ecore_con: fix _ecore_con_server_flush on Windows.
  • ecore_con: fix use of FormatMessage for error reporting on windows.
  • eina: fix directory listing on windows when directory is empty.
  • ecore-drm: Disable/Enable inputs if we release/acquire the VT
  • ecore-drm: Disable/Enable inputs if we release/aquire VT through logind
  • ecore-drm: Print error when taking control of a device fails
  • ecore/drm: Fix libinput >= 0.8 check
  • ee-win32 probably might compile now
  • ecore/drm: Compile ecore_drm_logind.c without condition
  • edje: edje_edit - fix group source generation of item 'weight' param
  • edje: edje_edit - fix group source generation of box params
  • evas: fix error checking of eglBindAPI.
  • ecore-drm: Fix issue of checking improper eldbus message for errors
  • ecore-drm: Don't recreate ecore_event handlers if we already have them
  • ecore-drm: Fix issue of ecore_drm not calling ReleaseDevice when an input is destroyed
  • ecore-drm: Fix issue with ecore_drm_evdev->path being incorrect
  • evas: Evas_3D - fix bug with pack meshes data.
  • ecore-drm: Add output id to output event
  • edje: fix windows build
  • evil: fix gecos field of struct pw
  • Evas GL: Fix leak of surfaces with GLES 1.1
  • eina + ecore - fix main loop thread id tracking on fork
  • evas-3d: fix incorrect reading of .obj file which had an empty line before data in unix encoding.
  • ecore-wl fullscreen state is based on either window type or attribute
  • ecore-xcb: Fix 'variable set but not used' message
  • evas-software-x11: Remove improper EINA_UNUSED for function parameter
  • evas-software-x11: Provide TBM Native Surface support for xcb engine
  • ecore/ecore_audio: fix timer control logically wrong.
  • evas-gl-drm: Cleanup compiler warnings for dbg/err messages
  • evas-gl-drm: Fix T2158: compile fails when --with-opengl=full is passed
  • ecore-imf: Add check for environment variable to enable show/hide of input panel
  • ecore-wl: Send xdg_surface_set_window_geometry when we update window size/position
  • ecore-drm: Center mouse pointer on an output when it gets created
  • ecore-evas-drm: Fix function call to ecore_evas_pointer_xy_get for drm engine
  • edje - somehow edje doesn't init evas and this makes edje_decc break...
  • Evas GL: Fix list of extensions with GLESv1
  • evas: fix bug in the destructor of node in Evas_3D.
  • edje: Edje_Edit - fix part alias source generation.
  • examples: fix bad unref's in ecore and evas.
  • ecore-drm: Return the index of the crtc from output_crtc_find
  • eina: win32 release lock in case of error
  • eio: fix segmentation fault on eio_monitor for win32 api
  • ecore_cocoa: remove ObjC autorelease block to avoid segv when window is closed.
  • ecore_cocoa: move mouse event handling to NSWindow
  • ecore_cocoa: handle right and other mouse events
  • ecore_cocoa: fix keyboad event handling
  • ecore-wl cursor setup no longer triggers errors on startup (T2202)
  • ecore-wl now allocates cursor_theme_name struct member of Ecore_Wl_Input
  • edje: Edje_Edit - fix program transition source generation
  • edje: Edje_Edit - add data items into generated code for the group.
  • efl - bring back symlink complaint regardless of env vars
  • ecore_cocoa: release resources on window close event
  • evas: make current context on lockFocus for gl_cocoa backend.
  • evas: bypass lockfocus in NSView on OSX
  • ecore_cocoa: don't reject mouse events outside the window
  • ecore_cocoa: fix mouse scrollwheel direction
  • evas-wayland-shm: Refactor Evas Wayland Shm Engine (Fix T2201)
  • ecore-evas-wayland: Remove frame callbacks from Ecore_Evas wayland engine
  • ecore_con: fix ECORE_CON_LOCAL_SYSTEM use with negative port number.
  • eina: safety check for NULL pointer
  • evas/gl_x11: set EGL_PLATFORM environment variable
  • Edje: edje edit - ability to remove last item in BOX/TABLE
  • evas-gl-common: Fix building when --with-opengl=es
  • evas-software-generic: Allow future rendering calls if evas has to skip a frame
  • evas-wayland-shm: Fix redrawing issues that were causing 'flashing' in latest engine code.
  • ecore-drm: Add more debug info when output is created or updated
  • ecore-drm: Fix build error caused by missing function declaration
  • evil: fix access to a file mapping object
  • evas: prevent crash.
  • eeze: Fix issue of eeze_udev_watch_add not getting events for drm
  • ecore-drm: Fix issue of not getting updated for output hotplug events
  • ecore_exe: fix ecore_exe_pid_get on windows
  • ecore-drm: Use better output names
  • ecore_idler: + null check.
  • Edje: Edje_Edit - fix typo in code generation of BOX part
  • eina: Change newline parsing to handle crlf better (T2236)
  • ecore_drm: use get_vt instead of parsing the tty attribute
  • ecore_file - fix nasty memory issues in ecore_file_app_exe_get()
  • efreetd - cache - fix handling a text index file with 0 length lines
  • eolian_cxx: fix build error for some generated C++ wrappers
  • evas-3d: T2226 (Evas Eet saver does out of range access) fixed.



  • elm scroller - add adnimated and accelerated wheel scroll
  • elm_transit: Add elm_transit_go_in() API
  • DnD/Wl: add cancel support
  • DnD/Wl: support multi-layer Drag and Drop
  • genlist: Implemented genlist expand mode and content_min_limit function
  • elm - focus feature - add config option to automatically show/hide focus
  • elm_slider: Added elm_slider_indicator_visible_mode_set/get.
  • config: Reinitialize font config using evas_font_reinit() API.
  • scroller: add loop feature.
  • multibuttonentry: Add item long pressed callback.
  • Elm helper: add the posix regex validator.
  • add colorclass editor


  • panel: Remove error message from elm_panel_add API and _theme_apply func.
  • popup: passing right parameter to elm_layout_sizing_eval
  • elm engine - restore explicit use of ELM_ENGNE env var
  • genlist: select the focused item on enter key input
  • gengrid: select the focused item on enter key input
  • genlist: Fix elm_genlist_item_index_get.
  • popup: removed button style setting code in theme_apply
  • multibuttonentry: Item selected callback called twice redundantly.
  • entry: Don't unlink empty files when saving @fix T2122.
  • genlist/gengrid : Add upadating 'focus' state in item realized function.
  • datetime: Fix elm_datetime_field_limit_set.
  • elementary_test: fix build on windows
  • elementary: Restart default cursor for wayland windows
  • elementary: Fix issue of cursor getting unset on DRM engine
  • layout: apply widget's states when elm_layout_file_set is called
  • gengrid/genlist/list: focus first item if first_item_focus_on_first_focus_in is on whether focus highlight is enabled or not
  • config: fix config name
  • elm_win framespace toggling on fullscreen change: activate!
  • hoversel: Enabled default mirroring in hoversel.
  • Genlist: make reordered item selected
  • popup: correct popup position.
  • layout: here default content alias can be acceptable.
  • Genlist/Gengrid : Modified to handle the focus highlight on unrealized items
  • genlist: Send param item type instead of eo item type.
  • widget: fix the abi break.
  • GLView: Return false if the surface could not be created
  • conform: Use eo_isa() to check object types.
  • elm_win fullscreen setting on FAKE wins should just toggle the flag
  • elm_widget: fix wrong parmeter.
  • elm_entry: fix focus on text selection
  • [elm_datetime] Fix to parse the POSIX locale format properly.
  • [elm_datetime] Fix to consider second field while comparing datetime values.
  • elm_datetime: compatibility for Windows.
  • elm_prefs: compatibility for Windows.
  • elm_slideshow: looking for right data directory in prefix.
  • elm_prefs: looking for right lib directory in prefix.
  • elm_panel: display directory from HOME on Windows.
  • elm_fileselector: display directory from HOME on Windows.
  • elm_diskselector: check if sd variable is null.
  • task_switcher: add variable verification.
  • elm_genlist: use of elm_app_data_dir_get() instead of PACKAGE_DATA_DIR.
  • elm_naviframe: use of elm_app_data_dir_get() instead of PACKAGE_DATA_DIR.
  • elm_naviframe: use of elm_app_data_dir_get() instead of PACKAGE_DATA_DIR.
  • elm_map: use of elm_app_data_dir_get() instead of PACKAGE_DATA_DIR
  • Elm_Win: Fix _elm_win_focus_prev_target_del callback added repeatly without callback del.

Evas Generic Loaders


  • pdf: Add support for changes with poppler >= 0.31 (T2184)

Emotion Generic Players

No significant changes in this release.

Written by stefan_schmidt on Apr 7 2015, 5:55 AM.