EFL, Elementary and friends 1.15 alpha 1

A bunch of fresh new tarballs with our latest work waiting for your testing before we can go into the final stages of releases.

EFL, Elementary and friends 1.15 alpha 1 tarballs

The merge window for 1.15 closed today which means it is time for an
alpha tarball of what we have been working on over the last two months.
You can find the generated NEWS file content below. They might get
updated over the next weeks before the final release but still should
give you a rough idea what this release will bring you.


Its getting a long post so the most important stuff upfront. Downloads:


What's New



  • Eo: Take eo out of beta.
  • Eo: Add eo_do_part.
  • Eolian: Add API to retrieve an event of a class by its name
  • evas: enable NEON-optimized code for aarch64.
  • evas: implement _op_blend_c_dp_neon in NEON intrinsics.
  • Static deps: Move unibreak to be an external dep.
  • Static deps unibreak: update to what will soon be version 3.
  • ecore-drm: Add API function to return screen size range
  • ecore-drm: Add API function to return the name of an output
  • ecore-drm: Add API function to return output connected state
  • ecore-drm: Add API function to return the connector type of a given output
  • ecore-drm: Add API function to return if a given output has a backlight
  • ecore-drm: Add API function to return the edid of a given output
  • ecore-drm: Add API function to return output modes
  • ecore-drm: Add support for a Primary Output
  • ecore-drm: Add API function to return primary output
  • ecore-drm: Add API function to get an output's crtc size
  • ecore-drm: Add API function to find an output given a name
  • ecore-drm: Add new API function to mark an output as primary
  • Merge branch 'devs/devilhorns/ecore_drm'
  • ecore-drm: Add API function to test if an output can go on a given crtc
  • ecore-drm: Add a 'name' field to Ecore_Drm_Event_Output
  • ecore-drm: Add API function to set a new mode on an output
  • efl - add more evlog points
  • eina: add crosss platforme API to retrieve tmp and home directories from environment.
  • edje entry: Improves anchors handling
  • eina_cpu - up max number of threads to 32
  • eolian: much better and stricter redefinition checking
  • evas: New Evas Callback added when viewport is resized.
  • eolian: new syntax for params/values/keys
  • ecore-x: add function to init ecore-x from external Display* object
  • Eo: Add a return value to eo_constructor().
  • Eo: Remove eo_error_set() and clean up finalizer()
  • ecore-input: add keysym to Ecore_Event_Key struct
  • evas: add keysym member to key event structs
  • eolian: disallow cyclic dependencies between .eo files
  • ecore_imf/wayland: support autocapital mode in wayland text input
  • Evas textblock: Add underline height support
  • ecore_imf/wayland: support password mode in wayland text input
  • ecore_imf/wayland: support input hint in wayland text input
  • ecore_imf/wayland: support input language mode in wayland text input
  • eolian: initial exposed declaration API - not yet very useful
  • Evas GL: 1.x support for GLX
  • Evas GL: support surfaceless make current
  • eolian: add documentation handling API
  • ecore-x: add new grab touch devices functionality.
  • eolian/generator: generation for new documentation system
  • eolian: support for @since tag in new doc comments
  • Edje: Add clip as a property of a part description
  • Evas: Add "no-render" flag for proxy sources & clippers
  • Ecore_input: Add "ECORE_EVENT_MOUSE_BUTTON_CANCEL" event
  • ecore-buffer: Add ecore_buffer library to EFL.
  • edje: add support to control the transition time of edje animation globally.
  • edje: add possibility to speed up animation per object.
  • eolian_cxx: Use C++ wrappers instead of native types as parameters
  • Edje/evas filters: Add filter.source support
  • Edje/evas filters: Use EDJ data sections to store filters code
  • Edje & evas filters: Add extra data from EDC to Lua program
  • ecore-x: add ecore_x_keysym_get()
  • Evas Textblock: Add obstacle objects feature
  • Evil: add a wrapper around _mkdir
  • eolian: add API: eolian_declaration_get_by_name
  • eolian/generator: add proper generation of references
  • eolian: improve function_full_c_name_get API


  • Evas gl: Fix shader generation with out of source builds.
  • Eolian/Generator: fix enums generation (T2400)
  • evil: fix mem leak in dlsym() when using UNICODE
  • evil: fix dladdr() implementation, add 2 unit tests for evil.
  • elua: use a minimal app to avoid loading eolian at runtime
  • ecore-drm: Set output connected property in the creation function
  • ecore-drm: Set drm client capabilities to support universal planes
  • ecore - ecore_pipe_wait timeout broken as it never adjusts while waiting
  • rg_etc: Correct ifdef to keep function available for debug build
  • Evas GL common: Skip shaders generation if there is no change
  • ecore-wayland: Input grab_count is unsigned int, no need for comparison < 0
  • ecore-drm: Fix issue of edid parsing not ignoring string
  • ecore-drm: Fix ecore_drm_output_edid_get to return a hex string
  • ecore-drm: Fix finding possible crtcs
  • ecore-drm: Skip not connected outputs when calculating geometry
  • Evas filters: Fix glReadPixels usage for EGL
  • evas grid smart - fix coord overflows when grid size and vsize are large
  • ecore-drm: Fix purpose of ecore_drm_output_enable/disable functions
  • ecore-drm: Greatly improve drm rendering speed
  • ecore-drm: Only send output events when we enable/disable an output
  • ecore-drm: Fix issue with output_current_resolution_get function
  • evas canvas: add exceptional handling in invalid input case.
  • ecore_evas_wayland: prevent duplicated shutdown of ecore_wl
  • ecore-drm: Fix segfault if sending output event and output has no current mode
  • ecore-drm: Ignore output enabled flag when setting output mode
  • evas-drm: Mark framebuffer as dirty before sending
  • edje: fix back edje_watch.
  • eina - cpu count - fic cpu count to count # of cores correctly
  • evas canvas: fix insane mouse move events on proxy source.
  • ecore-drm: Only try to set the crtc mode if an output is connected
  • eina-bt: Fix Coverity CID1297405 (dereference before null check)
  • eolian: use data_type consistently in the C generator
  • Ecore con url: Fix wrong object destruction.
  • eolian: allow keys/values in property get/set
  • eolian: properly handle errors in database_fill (CID1299294)
  • ecore-wl: Set keycode in event structure for key down/up
  • evas_object_textblock: fix dereference before null check (CID1270031)
  • ecore-wl: Remove +x from ecore_wl_input.c
  • ecore-drm: Remove call to set drm mode when creating an output
  • eina_cxx, eldbus_cxx: Fix perfect forwarding of arguments
  • embryo_cc: prevent memory curruption
  • edje: fix memory leak detected by prevent static analyser.
  • evas: make image_size_get() return the actual image size
  • Fix issue wrong surrounding text returns when there is selection area
  • edje: edje_cc_parse should check pair of parens.
  • pkg-config: fix portability issue on Windows. (T2458)
  • ecore-evas: Fix issue of gl_drm engine not being able to load
  • Evas masking: Fix rare issue of invalid rendering (GL)
  • Evas GL: destroy egl image when surface is destroyed
  • Evas GL: Fix direct_mem_opt and direct_override
  • Evas GL: Make current to an Evas GL context before destroying surface buffers
  • Evas GL: return correct context for context_get with indirect context
  • Evas GL: Pass correct attachment enum for glDiscardFramebufferEXT (T0)
  • Evas GL: Match FBO config with window surface config
  • emile: fix region load for jpeg image with orientation different set.
  • ecore_con: fix error handling case.
  • eolian: double newline ends summary, not single
  • evas-gl-drm: Rework gl_drm engine to function again
  • ecore-evas-drm: Update ecore_evas_drm for recent evas gl_drm changes
  • ecore-drm: Remove erroneous error messages from EINA_SAFETY checks
  • ecore-evas: Change gl_drm to be the proper engine name
  • ecore-drm: Don't crash when trying to disable an output
  • evas-gl-drm: Readd support for pre_swap/post_swap callbacks
  • ecore-evas-drm: Use XRGB format for gl_drm canvas
  • evas-gl-drm: Create eglContext before eglWindowSurface
  • ecore-drm: Don't free an output on unplug
  • ecore-evas-drm: We don't need to feed mouse events here
  • evas-gl-drm: Refactor gl_drm engine to not use dumb buffers
  • evas-gl-drm: Fix issue with swap mode returning wrong value
  • eina: Fix warning about unused paramaters
  • evas-gl-drm: Trap for invalid gbm bo
  • eolian_cxx: initialize all members in a struct correctly (CID1298133)
  • eolian: we need import_types_ref.h included in tarball
  • ecore-wayland: Fix T2466: Update xdg shell protocol code
  • edje: set GROUP/SWALLOW/EXTERNAL pass events based on mouse events
  • eina semaphore lock - don't wake up because of signals
  • eolian: pass rbuf to doc_error (CID1304728)
  • elua lib: sanitize all file paths before writing them (CID1267463)
  • ecore-x: Fix warning of unused variable
  • ecore-x: Fix warning of defined but unused function
  • ecore-x: Fix compiler warning of unused variable
  • evas: Remove unused variables
  • ector: always initialize the array contents even without fetchfunc (CID1294210)
  • ecore: null cb function is unacceptable.
  • Edje_entry: Fix control + (x,a,y,z,m,c) not working issue.
  • Evas GL: Fix coverity CID 1304559, 1304560 (CID1304560, CID1304559)
  • eolian/generator: fix enum field doc generator bug
  • Evas filters: Fix blend with color with rgba buffers
  • edje entry - also filter 0x7f (DEL) char on input as it's invalid entry
  • evas_smart: Add a check for zero size before malloc
  • evas_event: evas_event_feed_mouse_cancel set EVAS_EVENT_FLAG_ON_HOLD
  • Evas: Remove shader_3d .x generated file from BUILT_SOURCES
  • eolian: check for C type keyword before trying to append as C type keyword
  • ecore-evas-drm: Default to GBM_FORMAT_ARGB8888
  • eina/simple_xml_parser: don't parse the <, > in the attribute string.
  • evas-gl-drm: Cleanup compiler warnings when building gl_drm engine
  • ecore-input-evas: Fix Coverity CID1306803 (logically dead code)
  • evas-render2: Fix Coverity CID1306141: Dereference null return value
  • edje: Fix Coverity CID1299026 and CID1299027: Explicit null dereference
  • evas: fix Evas.Canvas3D color pick
  • ecore-wayland: Fix issue of events not getting dispatched properly
  • ecore-drm: Fix issue of outputs not getting registered with the wayland registry (T5, T2465)
  • ecore-drm: Fix setting proper output subpixel value
  • ecore-drm: Quiet down output from libinput
  • eo - silence ERR logs on constructor fail - this is valid behavior
  • efl - efreetd service move from dbus session bus to ecore ipc
  • eina module - it is not an error to ERR log to not load a .so
  • ecore con dns - a failed dns lookup is not an err log event
  • ecore con - fix object data referencing for deleted objects
  • edje_embryo: correct type mismatching in get_geometry() method
  • eolian: try replacing '.' with locale specific decimal point
  • eolian/generator: constify all prototypes for @const functions
  • edje_cc: Fix dereference null return value (CID1308232)
  • edje_cc: Fix dereference before null check (CID1302700)
  • ecore-wayland: Update xdg shell protocol file
  • ecore_x_xi2: fix crash if device info is NULL.
  • ecore-evas-extn : map shm for sharing render pixels conservatively
  • Evas textblock: Fix issue with line_coord_set and y before the first line.
  • evas: opaque value does not change even if image data be changed
  • Evas textblock: Fix infinite loop case
  • ecore_imf: fix wrong return type of ecore_imf_context_input_panel_return_key_type_get
  • evas-fb: Fix compiler warnings about suggested parentheses
  • Interfaces: fix event name
  • Ecore exe (windows): Fix object destruction/failed creation.
  • Ecore Con: Fix ecore_con_local hangs on Windows.
  • evas - image core - fix unloading of images to work again
  • edje edit: don't set the color_class color as main
  • edje_edit: return EINA_TRUE for unset color_class
  • Efreet: Fix config and data dir paths on windows.
  • ecore-wayland: Remove improper use of EINA_UNUSED



  • ctxpopup: Added item_focus_set/item_focus_get.
  • hoversel: Added item_focus_set/item_focus_get.
  • elm_focus: added new focus move policy and elm_object_focus_move_policy_set/get
  • Elm: Add context,open signal in elm_entry.
  • theme: migrate all e users of darken_rounded_square to new darken_square image
  • elm_scroller: add wheel_disable_set API
  • calendar: show days of prev/next month.
  • gengrid: add item cache in gengrid for efficient realize/unrealize operation.
  • elm_config: Add feature to control transition scale for edje
  • win: Add autohide and ELM_POLICY_QUIT_LAST_WINDOW_HIDDEN
  • EFL Model List View for MVC design
  • EFL Model Form View for MVC design


  • elementary: Remove unused variable
  • genlist: fix to return item style correctly.
  • label: Fix memory leak.
  • SlideShow: Fix double invocation of ItemClass delete function (T2394)
  • elm_object_item: fix the issue that del_cb doens't get item data as its parameter
  • widget: more fix wrt item data.
  • tooltip: set the correct style of label.
  • slider: use theme of object for popup.
  • entry: update selection handlers when entry is resized
  • elm_win: Set initial withdrawn state from win's ecore_evas property.
  • Immediatly change the cursor if changed from inside the widget
  • elm_genlist: fix implementation of genlist tooltip functions
  • fileselector button: correct window parent finding
  • elm config - init wl if env vars indicate we should
  • Genlist: support of ELM_OBJECT_SELECT_MODE_DISPLAY_ONLY mode of genlist item for ELM_ITEM_SELECT_ON_FOCUS_DISABLE config variable.
  • elm - fix profile handling if ELM_PROFILE is set - dont listen to x msg
  • Gengrid: fix mirroring bug in gengrid widget.
  • gengrid/genlist: decrement item counter before triggering item del callback
  • glview: preserved changed state when altering render mode
  • tooltip: fix positioning when tooltip is affixed to a window object
  • interface scrollerable: modify the loop_v condition in _elm_scroll_momentum_animator() function
  • tooltip: fix tooltip multi line text issue (T2034)
  • fix list item mode change on elm list
  • cnp: Add safety check for NULL pointer from _elm_util_text_to_mkup().
  • cnp: Add safety check for NULL pointer from calloc() for anim_icon.
  • cnp: Add safety check for NULL pointer from strdup().
  • Dnd/X11: add dnd support for image, uri types
  • Cnp/X11: move entry-only code in elm_cnp to entry
  • Cnp/X11: correct object parameter in datacb
  • entry: add dnd image handling
  • cnp: Add safety check for NULL pointer from malloc().
  • clock: Add safety check for NULL pointer from localtime() func.
  • entry: emit changed,user signal when text is pasted or dropped
  • win: only trigger del trap if win type is not FAKE
  • win: do not use deferred ecore evas deletion for FAKE wins
  • dayselector : add safety check for NULL pointer from _item_find()
  • colorselector: add safety check for NULL pointer from ecore_x_image_new().
  • genlist: fix resize of items when added after elm_genlist_clear(). (T2367)
  • elm_colorselector: fix horiz/vertical padding to be affected by base_scale in edc
  • elm_genlist: reset timer to NULL on cancel only.
  • DnD: remove text/uri handling
  • config: fix the flush file path.
  • X11/CnP: remove X11 invocations from elm_entry (T2183)
  • config: read flush.cfg when elm_config_all_flush is called.
  • elm_colorselector: pixel-picker accuracy fix
  • elm_gengrid: fix the bug that gengrid item index(position) is updated wrong value in item_update
  • elm_interface_scrollable: fix wrong mirrored calculation
  • elementary: Add rudimentary support for Elm Wayland apps to set border icon (T2453)
  • Revert "theme: return false if elm_object_style_set() failed to set requested style."
  • Genlist: use correct variable during realize
  • elm_datetime: Fix datetime ctxpopup resize issue
  • Elm_Interface_Scrollable: Improvement in looping behavior
  • layout: Fix eo API error while running "Genlist 7" in elementary_test. (T2534)
  • Entry: Add chunked append in case of _elm_entry_entry_append
  • naviframe: Fix to work clicked callback of auto pushed button.
  • cnp: change drag win type to ELM_WIN_DND
  • elm_conform: remember window pointer.
  • elm_conform: remove smart_callback when it is removed.
  • elm - scroller - set hold flag on wheel events if used for that dir

Evas Generic Loaders

No significant changes in this release.

Emotion Generic Players

No significant changes in this release.

Written by seoz on Jul 8 2015, 12:55 PM.