EFL, Elementary and friends 1.15 beta 2

A bunch of fresh new tarballs with our latest work waiting for your testing before we can go into the final stages of releases.

EFL, Elementary and friends 1.15 beta 2 tarballs

One week after our beta 1 tarballs we just released our first beta tarballs. Please grab and test.


Its getting a long post so the most important stuff upfront. Downloads:


What's New

New since beta 1



  • Evas textblock: Clear unused paragraphs
  • ecore-wl: Reset input's pointer & keyboard focus on events
  • ecore-wl: Reset ecore_wl_input repeat values on keyboard leave
  • ecore-wl: Don't renew keyboard-repeat timer if we have no focused surface
  • ecore-wl: Reset input keyboard repeat values when we cancel the timer
  • The default return value of edje_object_base_scale_get API is 1.0. The return value is used for divisor in many case. If it return 0.0 when it fail, it can break app with div by zero.
  • Evas masking: Fix rendering of masks that belong to a proxied smart object
  • eolian: do not use an invalid pointer after updating buffer
  • image_savers/jpeg: fix undefined behavior of using sigsetjmp on jmp_buf
  • Eolian: fix eolian helper for windows.
  • Ecore evas: Correct function name in magic failure.
  • Evas GL: Fix glClear(0,0,0,0) with DR and COPY
  • Evas GL: Fix sync, wlbuffer and image egl ext functions



  • Entry: Fix behaviour of markup filters when setting entry text. (T2561)
  • elementary: Tweak elm wayland border focus to Fix T2575 (T2575)
  • elementary: Update elementary wayland border theme to match E's
  • elementary: Fix elementary wayland border opaque region calculations (T2575)
  • elementary: Fix program signal for enable/disable of shadows
  • elementary: Properly fix wayland opaque region setting (T2575)
  • popup: fix title icon to show up. (T2581)
  • Scroller: Improvement in _key_action_move() calculations.
  • genlist : fix genlist dangling pointer crash in item select (T2553)
  • elementary: Adjust shadow spacer on maximize (T2578)

Evas Generic Loaders

No significant changes in this release.

Emotion Generic Players

No significant changes in this release.

Written by seoz on Jul 20 2015, 4:42 PM.