Enlightenment DR 0.19.10 Release

This bugfix release improves on the 0.19.9 release and resolves a number of issues.


Carsten @raster Haitzler (1):

e comp - set rects to null to silence compiler warning

Mike @zmike Blumenkrantz (8):

fix x11 compositor to use damage events
explicitly show the client object of internal window during show
force-disable refocus during desk flip on client activation
unshade clients when activating
ensure that normal clients are stacked below overrides when raising
add extreme hacks to enforce nocomp stacking policies
set 'starting' flag for desk show in e_zone_desk_count_set()
ensure that non-fullscreen nocomp clients have their layers re-set

Simon @simotek Lees (1):

Wizard: Update icon theme search list

Tickets Resolved

  • T1732
  • T1923
  • T2690
  • T2703
  • T2717

A bug which sometimes triggered a crash during desk flips was recently fixed in the desksanity module,
so the 1.0.2 release of this is occurring simultaneously:


Mike @zmike Blumenkrantz (2):

reorder ds client iterator filter to catch override clients before ec->desk deref
switch bzip2->xz in dist

As always, stay tuned to the latest infrequent E updates on the release blog.


Enlightenment DR 0.19.10 GZIP484d305bcf403303b18c46a3a498445b93689cd325010ae8d0601551926469d8
Enlightenment DR 0.19.10 XZ8bdc2b764765e807df263962cb3c4793256a34ce74cf854f623a47859f7a4f5d
desksanity 1.0.2 GZIPf0d5ee097e1ad3028286f669daf622ed0c782ef1e6e414d6b94572ae60073dd0
desksanity 1.0.2 XZ7368192acda73620f0acb133ebea87cad08f9e068ac137400ec655aeb7fdaeaa

Disclaimer: Enlightenment developers cannot be responsible for any successes which occur during testing of E19.

Building and Dependencies

If you have an existing EFL or Elementary install, you may wish to delete its header files and libraries before compiling and installing to avoid possible conflicts during compilation. Please compile the dependencies in the following order (click for README):

  1. efl
  2. elementary
  3. emotion_generic_players
  4. evas_generic_loaders

Note: E19 depends on EFL v1.11 or newer.

Below are links to the project pages for each of the dependencies:

Written by zmike on Sep 11 2015, 10:32 AM.
Patch Reviewer