EFL and friends 1.16.0 beta 2

A bunch of fresh new tarballs with our latest work waiting for your testing before we can go into the final stages of releases.

EFL, Elementary and friends 1.16 beta2 tarballs

One week after our beta1 tarballs we just released our first beta tarballs. Please grab and test.


Its getting a long post so the most important stuff upfront. Downloads. :-)


What's New

New since beta1:



  • ecore-wl: Don't update window size during ecore_wl_window_resize function
  • ecore-evas-wayland: Don't resize ecore_wl window to include frame size
  • ecore-evas-wayland: Fix common window configure callback to not adjust for framespace
  • evas-drm: remove useless condition
  • ecore-evas-wayland: Trap for subsequent resize events
  • edje_cc: fix segfault when a program attempts to play a non-registered sound
  • Ecore_Con: make sure to create named pipe with a unique name
  • ecore_exe: read remaining data when the child application has closed
  • ecore_file: fix ecore_file management function on Windows
  • Ecore exe win32: Fix double-free errors. (T2675)
  • eina: Include <unistd.h> for getuid and geteuid functions
  • Eina: fix eina_file_current_directory_get()
  • Eina: fix memory leak in eina_file_open()
  • evas: Fix clang warning for missing field 'async' in default_state
  • ecore-drm: Add missing field initializers for vt_mode
  • ecore-evas-wayland-egl: Fix clang warning about extra parentheses
  • edje_edit: Fix clang warning of unused variables
  • ecore-wayland: Redo window animators to not use Custom source animators
  • ecore-evas-wayland: Don't use custom animators for frame callbacks
  • evas: no need to compute clippees list if we just want to know if there is any.
  • evas: render - use evas_object_clipees_has instead of evas_object_clipees_get
  • edje: load - use evas_object_clipees_has instead of evas_object_clipees_get
  • Eo events: Add a struct member marking if it's a legacy event or not.
  • evas gl - fix big endian fully by adding a host of new img shaders



  • elementary: Fix calling ecore_evas_wayland_move with improper values
  • elm_hoversel: fix to show dismiss animation
  • toolbar: do not change align for "noicon" toolbar items (T2782)
  • elementary: Remove unused static variable
  • elementary: Remove unused static variable
  • elementary: Fix passing wrong parameter
  • elementary: Fix passing wrong parameter
  • elementary: Remove unused variable
  • elementary: Remove unused static varible
  • elementary: Remove unused function
  • elementary: Remove unused variables
  • elementary: Remove unused static variable
  • elementary: Remove unused static variable
  • elementary: Fix genlist example to not free data until After it has been removed from the list (CID1327342)
  • deskmirror: unset proxy.source_clip for urgency effects
  • border: bring sparklebear theme up-to-date with current efl rendering

Evas Generic Loaders

Emotion Generic Players

Written by stefan_schmidt on Oct 19 2015, 6:08 AM.