Enventor v0.7.0 release

Enventor v0.7.0 was just released.

Enventor v0.7.0 was just released after about 6 months development. We've mainly focused on stabilizing and improving some fancy features such as auto completion and live edit. We're pretty sure Enventor has become more an useful tool for edc script.


  • Tracking image resources for realtime live view updation.
  • Marking lines which contains errors in edc editor.
  • Support localization (English, Russian)
  • Smart redo/undo function which applies coding convention for undo texts.
  • Support dummy spacer.
  • Jumping on to the code related with the current clicked part in live view.


  • Get rid of ELM_ENGINE environment.


  • Focus shouldn't move on to ctxpopup when its moving.
  • File Saving contains .edc extension automatically.
  • Migrate on to lazy edc fully (syntax color, template code, etc..)
  • Support realtime live view updation for the slider in ctxpoup.
  • Renamed syntax color data file from color.src to edc.src.
  • More compatible with ms windows platform.
  • Add "base_scale" into template code.
  • Improve auto completion for more correct and useful candidate keywords.
  • Support ELM_ACCEL environment.
  • Move the editor cursor at the end of the attributes after dismissing candidate list.
  • Rename a temporary output file name to be different with input file name so that multiple enventors could modify same input file at the same time.
  • Support more auto complete keywords.
    • effect, anti_alias, mask_flags, limit, clip_to, domain
  • Improve live edit icons quality.


  • Fix key modifiers to work short cut keys correctly.
  • Correct incorrect syntax color.
  • Enventor_Path_Type interface is updated.
  • Fix missing edc updation if it is modified by other processes.
  • Fix some memory leaks.
  • Recognize part descriptions properly in the editor even though they don't have names.
  • Create a config home folder properly if it's not existed.
  • Fix eo build break on the latest efl(1.16)
  • Fix a broken redo/undo function after replacing the text with search/replace feature.
  • Fix to be avaiable to choose the last item on the candidate list.
  • Fix to work part highlighting out for all groups in one edc.
  • Fix to close goto window while it's toggled with a toolbar button.
  • Fix a wierd behavior which changes edc source when ctxpopup is going to be closed.
  • Fix to move scroller bar to correct position for find function.
  • Fix the issue that ctxpopup preview images are remained when mouse wheel works quickly.
  • Reset console box error messages when new or open file is performed.
  • Let the editor have focus after live edit is done.
  • Dismiss ctxpopup when edc build error.
  • Dismiss ctxpopup when warning box is shown up at window exit.
  • Fix incorrect size displaying of the live object.

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Written by Hermet on Jan 3 2016, 6:08 PM.