Python-EFL 1.17.0 release

Python-EFL 1.17.0 release

We are pleased to announce that Python-EFL 1.17.0 is now released and available for download.


The packages is also available on pypi, to install just use:

pip install python-efl

For convenience the tarballs contain both the Cython sources and generated intermediary C sources, meaning you do not need Cython to compile the bindings. Full cython sources are also publicly accessible from our git repository at:

More information about the python bindings can be found at:

What's New

Lots of new features comes with this release, the most important are:

  • New module ecore_input
  • New module ecore_con (Client and Lookup classes)
  • New module ethumb and ethumb_client (Ethumb and EthumbClient classes)
  • Drag and drop support in elementary
  • Fixed compatibility with python 3.5 (utils.deprecated was broken)

As always all the new features of efl and elementary 1.17 has been ported and the usual has been done in fixing bugs and optimizing speed. (see ChangeLog in the tarball for the full list of changes)

Building and Dependencies

If you have existing Python-EFL installed you may wish to uninstall them before compiling and installing to avoid possible conflicts during install and/or runtime.

To build the bindings you will need the following libraries:

  • python (Python 2.6+/3.2+)
  • efl (1.17)
  • elementary (1.17)
  • python-dbus (0.83+)

If you wish to compile using the Cython sources a required dependency is:

  • 0.21 >= cython <= 0.22

To install the bindings run:

(sudo) python install

To generate the documentation locally you need:

  • sphinx (1.1+)
  • graphviz (optional)

To build the documentation:

python build_doc

For more information on available build options see:

python --help

Projects using Python-EFL

... and many more that cannot fit in this short list.

Written by DaveMDS on Feb 7 2016, 11:15 AM.