Efl, Elementary 1.11.3 and Enlightenment 0.19.1 releases

We are happy to release another stable update for the 1.11.x series.

EFL fixes:

  • Evas filters: Fix parsing of argument lists (T1615)
  • edje_program: added signal "focus,part,out" when focus is discarded
  • efl - vsync - deal with both broken and non-broken libdrm
  • ecore_x_vsync - fix tiny leaklet of drmversion
  • Evas Textblock: Fix bad empty line add on wrapping
  • ecore vsync - fix up dual nvidia + dri/drm driver discovery
  • eeze - sensors - ints for sensor events were decld in .h - and never .c
  • Evas Textblock: Fix native width of BiDi text (T1532)
  • ecore_imf/ibus : provide to get surrounding text
  • evas: GL_X11 context need to always be with alpha or it will fail to change.

Elementary fixes:

  • elm_win should not check ELM_ACCEL variable if application has overridden it
  • remove accel_override from elm_config
  • bg: fix the _elm_bg_elm_layout_sizing_eval bug.


  • don't add nocomp damages for input-only windows
  • check protocol visibility for nocomp breaks, not comp object visibility
  • manually break out of nocomp
  • end nocomp on nocomp end...always
  • force render queue on unmaximize if client was fullscreen
  • add borderless theme for deskmirror clients to support various animations
  • comp render queue on every client resize instead of on unmaximize
  • force comp render queue more aggressively to detect changes in nocomp
  • client hooks should not continue to be called if the client has been deleted
  • thaw evas on winlist activation with no clients available
  • modules/teamwork: Use eina_file_mkstemp() to avoid problems with umask
  • fix: Add more desktops to be tiled by default in the tiling config.

This release comes with a snapshot release of the EFX library containing bugfixes required to use Desksanity 1.0, a module containing various compositing demos and features.


Building and Dependencies

If you have an existing EFL or Elementary install, you may wish to delete its header files and libraries before compiling and installing to avoid possible conflicts during compilation. If you are compiling the above, please compile them in the following order:


If you have an existing EFL or Elementary install, you may wish to delete its header files and libraries before building the above.

Written by stefan_schmidt on Oct 14 2014, 7:06 AM.