Enlightenment Developer Day - 2013

It's on Again - 20th of October, Edinburgh, Scotland

We're pleased to announce that Developer Day is on again this year. It will be co-hosted alongside Linuxcon Europe Which will be held on October 21-23. We'd like to thank Samsung Electronics for financially supporting this event and making it happen.

You will need to register for the Linuxcon conference, and optionally pay to attend that event. Please see the Linuxcon Europe site for more information about venue, accommodation and pricing. This year we will be asking for a small registration fee for Developer Day that will be put towards hosting all registered attendees for an end-of-day dinner and drinks, so assume your money is being well spent in feeding and watering you for the night.

The day will be a full day of presentations, panels, discussions and the ability for developers and users to get together face-to-face, present the state of things and where they are going, ask questions, propose ideas and otherwise have a jolly good time.

At this point we'd like to call for anyone wanting to present or participate to register their interest by filling out their name and proposal on 2013 Developer Day Page

More details on how to register, exact venue location as well as the schedule for the day will be posted soon.