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Enlightenment DR 0.18.0 Release

It's been exactly one year since the last major release of Enlightenment. Coincidentally, today is the day of the next major release of Enlightenment: DR 0.18.


This release REQUIRES the EFL/Elementary releases which went out earlier today.

The NEWS file lists 242 individual changes--far too many for a release announcement, and it's likely that some changes didn't make it into the file for one reason or another. So what to write about for such a momentous release?

Firstly, let's address all those who helped with the development process. To the developers who pitched in and fixed or added things, well done and and a sincere thanks. To users who filed bugs helped track down issues, a frustrated thank you. To the few users who joined the channel, trolled around for a bit, then stormed out, a generous chuckle.

No release announcement is complete without a taste of what's different, so here's what I consider the big changes and features:

  • Compositing merged into core
    • No longer (as) optional
    • No longer (as) buggy
    • Wayland client support added
    • Teamwork module added
  • Fixed at least 10 crashes
    • User experience while crashing improved; some users have reported over a 200% improvement here
  • New modules for improving desktop integration:
    • music-control - Control your music!
    • bluez4 - Control your bluetooth!
    • appmenu - Control your DBus application menus!
    • conf_comp - Control your compositor settings!
  • Improved systemd integration
  • Internal theme merged into Elementary
  • RandR and binding config domains have been split into separate files to make copying and updating easier
  • MANY filemanager improvements
    • udisks2 support
    • Directory listing is now more accurate
    • Seriously, too many improvements to name

If you're still reading at this point, stop and click one of the download links.