Enlightenment DR 0.20.3 Release

This bugfix release improves on the 0.20.2 release and resolves a number of issues.


Carsten @raster Haitzler (1):

e randr - fix randr dialog to do restore right again

Chris @devilhorns Michael (1):

Fix xbl_avail variable being used when it could be undefined

Jean-Philippe @jpeg ANDRÉ (1):

Fix spelling in .pc file

Marcel @bu5hm4n Hollerbach (1):

e_grabinput: do not pass a faulty time

Mike @zmike Blumenkrantz (26):

block input devices from backlight list
unpopulate all gadcons during shutdown
add shelf callback for hidden state and trigger extra hide-on-show if hiding
un-defer comp util object hiding if second hide occurs during animation
add special case for frame adjustment during first recalc of new clients
test given coordinates in smart window placement algorithm
remove wayland function usage from grabinput methods
simplify and clarify winlist directional selection action code
check all corners of an object in e_comp_object_util_zone_get()
disable custom logging when eina backtrace is active
select mixer popup sink after popup has been fully initialized
optimize zoomap recalc during recursion
make ibar config pointer EINTERN
do full cleanup when overriding existing comp autoclose object
remove configs for illume modules
allow NULL object in e_comp_object_util_autoclose()
improve menu hiding and autoclose
make E_DESK_TYPE an int define
enforce border_fix_on_shelf_toggle config option in shelf
create comp object updates tiler in helper function from either show or damage
do not unset comp object native surface during shape apply
unset WM_STATE for x11 clients upon unmapping them
if available, use wl output (nested) for wayland compositor creation
use more correct defines for enabling wl output modules during comp init
automatically attempt to create a wayland x11 output during comp init
20.3 release

Seunghun Lee (1):

configure.ac: Remove ecore-x from wayland only build.

Tom @tasn Hacohen (1):

Tiling: tile windows with "Static" gravity.

Yomi @abyomi0 (1):

Update copyright year.

Tickets Addressed

As always, stay tuned to the latest infrequent E updates on the release blog.


Enlightenment DR 0.20.3 GZIPd8fb1d7eaea4c23e2ada1be2e058f63f5beb870616ae6365f6044ead6240cbc4
Enlightenment DR 0.20.3 XZ321103dda0383450a1dcf1a7c172479e1bdf8face5150ac688fc5ffe1b5fe3a7

Enlightenment: for when you might otherwise find yourself being too productive.

Building and Dependencies

If you have an existing EFL or Elementary install, you may wish to delete its header files and libraries before compiling and installing to avoid possible conflicts during compilation. Please compile the dependencies in the following order (click for README):

  1. efl
  2. elementary
  3. emotion_generic_players
  4. evas_generic_loaders

Note: E20 depends on EFL v1.15.2 or newer for X11 compositing and 1.16 for Wayland support.

Below are links to the project pages for each of the dependencies:

Written by zmike on Jan 18 2016, 1:07 PM.
Patch Reviewer