Rage media player 0.1.0 is out



So I have released the first version of Rage. Version 0.1.0


It is a simple video and audio player intended to be slick yet simplistic, much like Mplayer. You can provide 1 or more files to play on the command-line or just DND files onto the rage window to insert them into the playlist. You can get a visual representation of everything on the playlist by hitting the / key, or just hovering your mouse over the right side of the window. Mouse back over the left side of the window ti dismiss it or press the key again. It has a full complement of key controls if you see the README for the full list. It will automatically search for album art for music files, if not already cached, and display that. It even generates thumbnails for the timeline of a video and allows you to preview the position on mouseover of the position bar at the bottom of the window.


A feature list at this point:

  • Play video and audio files
  • Support a playlist via command-line
  • Insert to playlist via DND
  • Controls hide on mouse idle, and appear on mouse movement
  • Fullscreen mode support with automatic "no blank" support
  • Playlist visual previews and controls
  • Subtitle file support
  • Supports Gstreamer 0.10, Gstreamer 1.x, Xine and VLC as media engines via Emotion modules
  • Selection of media back-end via command-line
  • Album art fetch and caching
  • Video thumbnail timeline generation and caching
  • Works with any Evas engine (OpenGL acceleration, pure software etc.)
  • Works in X11, Wayland and Framebuffer direct support
  • Accelerated seek on keyboard fowrard/reverse
  • Drag gestures for seeking
  • Special different UI modes for pure audio and video

If you want to see more go to the about page at The Enlightenment Rage About Page.


Download Rage 0.1.0

Rage GIT repository

Written by raster on Aug 24 2014, 6:59 AM.
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