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The main task is to develop a website for the wow essay writing company . You should follow the next steps to build this site:

1. Define the main goals of the Company's presence in the Network

Creating a website is quite a hassle, not for a tick, but to achieve a goal. For example, to increase brand awareness, sell a product or service, gather a database of subscribers for your blog, etc. Therefore, the first task is to define the primary goal of the Company's presence on the Internet. And then, you can build a structure, think over the design, content, etc.

  • The goals may be as follows:
  • To improve the Company's image;
  • brand and product advertising, attracting new customers;
  • access to markets in other regions and countries;
  • to increase sales volumes;
  • improving the quality of customer service (consulting, providing complete product information, including video content);
  • reducing expenses allocated for offline advertising;
  • repeat sales.

Now think about how you can meet these challenges. After that, the functionality of your website will begin to take shape.

Suppose you want to trade not only in your city but also send goods to other regions. In this case, you will need to schedule delivery options in detail, talk about deadlines, payment, and the possibility of returning products. The feedback section will be an excellent aid to advertising.

When there are clearly defined tasks, you can move on to the next stage, where you need to choose from two options: contact specialists or create a website yourself.

2. Choose and register the domain**

There are quite a few domain registrars; you can choose anyone who "likes," check if the part is free and register it.

Tip: Register a domain to a natural person, because if you register a domain to a legal entity and after a while, update the data or re-register a legal entity and forget about binding the field to the old legal entity, it will be almost impossible to transfer the domain to a new legal entity.

3. Choose and arrange a hosting

Once you have decided on a domain name, you need to decide on your hosting and tariff plan. Hosting is a "home" for a website that will host your web resource in folders and files.

The choice of hoster and tariff depends on the size of your website and its functionality. If it is an online shop, you should think about having enough hosting capacity by gigabytes and high processor speed.

4. Choose a site management system or a designer

  • We have a few articles on this topic that will help you make your choice:
  • Designer or CMS: we choose tools for creating a website
  • Pros and cons of CMS MODX
  • Ten misconceptions about 1C-Bitrix
  • Advantages and disadvantages of CMS WordPress
  • Pros and cons of CMS Joomla website management system

We can maintain and refine websites on different CMSs, as well as self-written ones. But we prefer to create on the following platforms: Webasyst, Shop-Script, and Bitrix.

5. Buy SSL-certificate

A modern web resource must ensure security for the user so that the user data (contacts, payment data) transmitted through the website only reach you and are not passed on to third parties. Such websites are more likely to be ranked well in search engines. The connection of a secure data transfer protocol (https) through acquiring an SSL-certificate is the right tone for modern websites.

We have a service for switching to a secure protocol, where we explained in detail how and why this should be done.

6. Think about the structure and navigation of the website

The next step is to work directly on the content of your future online resource. The creation of the website starts with the stage of data collection, analysis of competitors, which will make it possible to structure the website. The functionality and capabilities of the resource will depend on the structure.

7. Website design

Next comes the complex process of choosing a website design - to select a template option or draw a unique design? This topic was explained in detail in the article.

8.Filling the site with content, advertising, promotion

Once the site has been created, it is necessary to engage in its content, promotion, and development. The best option is to contact professionals who will have an internet marketer, an SEO specialist, a content manager, and a designer in their team. Such a group can fill a site with unique, engaging, and useful content for your users, competently tuning the range of search engines.

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