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Write the final draft of an essay

Write the introduction like writers from do. Make sure the introductory paragraph expresses the name of the text, the author, and the focus of your written work. You can also include the year of publication and the publisher if relevant. Similarly, you can include the subject of the text and the author's purpose. [fifteen]

  • The last sentence of the introduction should correspond to your thesis.

Reread the paragraphs to make sure you express a position. Although most reaction essays do not specifically ask for your personal opinion, you should critique, analyze, and evaluate the text, rather than stick to the facts.

  • Look for places where you only report what the text says, rather than providing a critique or evaluation of the text.

    Explain the big implications of the text for the class, the author, the audience, or yourself. A good way to analyze and evaluate the text is to relate it to other ideas that you have discussed in class. How does the text compare to other texts, authors, themes, or time periods?
  • If you have been asked to give your personal opinion, you should insert it in the conclusion, as it is the best part to do so. Some professors may allow you to express your opinions in the body paragraphs of the work. Make sure to double-check with the teacher.

    Edit written work for clarity and length. You shouldn't make it too long, as reaction tests are usually short. They can be between 500 words and up to 5 pages long. Make sure you read your duty carefully to make sure you follow the prompts.
  • Read everything to get clarity. Are the sentences clear? Have you endorsed and argued your points? Is there any part where you create some confusion?

Review and correct the document. Correct as you read and find grammar mistakes. Look for misspellings, snippets, tense problems, and punctuation errors. Check the grammar.

Ask yourself if you answered the duty properly. Check the duty guidelines. Make sure you have followed the teacher's directions. If so, your written work will be ready to be submitted.


  • You look for things that the author omits or that cause the possibility of refuting a weak argument.
  • Don't wait too long to write your written work after reading the text. You don't want to forget the important details.
  • This written work is not autobiographical. It's not about how you feel, how you would act in the same situation, or how it relates to your life.

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