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Make Fully Functioning Workstation from Your Regular Standing DeskProject


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If you have been dreaming about a new workstation, but your good old desk still functions, and you cannot just throw it away, you can upgrade it. For that, you need a lifting system and some tools.

Choose a Lifting Frame Based on Your Needs

A lifting frame is not less important than the desk top. It has to comply with a number of requirements:

• The lifting power: it shall be able to lift and lower the desk top and all the devices that you use.
• Noise level: nobody likes to be disturbed by additional noises, especially if it is possible to avoid it. Therefore, make sure that the lifting frame is silent. You can check options like these, they are almost noiseless and functional.
• Speed of movement: if the lifting frame moves faster, you spend less time readjusting your desk. During a working day, you might save a lot of time.
• Stroke length: the movement range of the new frame shall allow you to work comfortably in both the sitting and standing position. The stroke length of the frame shall be sufficient.

Move on with the Upgrade Project

Now, when the lifting frame is purchased, you can start with your project. Remove the desk top from the old frame. The desk top will be used for your new workstation.
Fix the top on the new frame. Test it to check whether the movement is smooth and noiseless.
Now, it is the turn of one of the most challenging parts. Cable arrangement is ignored by many users, however, if cables are scattered everywhere, it not just makes a bad impression. If you stumble over a cable you might fall and damage yourself and the equipment.
To arrange the cables in a way to make them look beautiful and keep them in order, you can buy a cable management arm and arrange all the cables there. Another option is to hide them in a wall. If you buy a cable management arm, you can order the cables on your own. For the second option, you might need to hire a specialist.
Don’t forget also about papers and other things you work with. Where do you normally keep them? An automated organizer is a perfect solution. If you have many things, an organizer might not be able to place all of them. You can choose one directly on the manufacturer`s website where you have chosen the lifting frame.
If space is still not sufficient, check a drawer for an adjustable desk. it can be attached directly under your desk board. In a combination with a standing desk, it looks amazing. There, you can keep all the documents or stationery that you might need. Those things that aren’t applied frequently can be stored in a bookcase or on shelves.
A monitor stand is one more detail that adds to the workstation functionality and your comfort during work. Adjust it so that the computer screen is located at the level of your eyes when you are working.
Now, you have chosen those crucial items that not only make your working place functional and beautiful but make your workstation fully customized to your needs.

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