eina: remove usless newline

Authored by jayji on Jan 15 2018, 9:58 PM.


eina: remove usless newline

ecore_evas: remove debug

eina: unregister log level when done with

Fixes a constant memory leak.

eina: introduce EINA_HOT and EINA_COLD

These attributes respectivelly expand to attribute ((hot)) and
attribute ((cold)) when available. They allow to mark functions are
being hot/cold (frequently used or not) as well as to qualify labels
within a function (likely/unlikely branches).

eo: speed-up generated calls by removing call cache

The call cache needed to by thread-local, to avoid concurrency issues.
Problem with TLS is that is adds an extra overhead, which appears to be
greater than the optimization the cache provides.

Op is naturally atomic, because it is an unsigned integer. As such, it
cannot be tempered with while another thread is reading it. When
entering the generated function, the first operation done is reading
'op'. If we have concurrency, we will have access sequences returning
either EFL_NOOP or a VALID op, because 'op' is not set until the very
end of the function, when everything has been computed. As such, we now
use the 'op' atomic integer to instore a lock-free/wait-free mechanism,
which allows to drop the TLS nature of the cache, speeding up the access
to the cache, and therefore making functions execute faster.

We don't test anymore the generation count. This can be put as a
limitation. If means that if you call efl_object_shutdown() and
re-initialize it later with different data, opcodes will be invalid.
I am not sure there is any usecase for this to ever happen.
We could move all the caches in a dedicated section, that can be
overwritten after a call to efl_object_shutdown(), but I am not sure it
will be very portable.

Benchmark: mean over 3 executions of

ELM_TEST_AUTOBOUNCE=100 time elementary_test -to genlist
                     BEFORE               AFTER
time (ns)            11114111647.0        9147676220.0
frames               2872.3333333333335   2904.6666666666665
time per frame (ns)  3869364.6666666665   3149535.3333333335
user time (s)        11.096666666666666   9.22
cpu (%)              22.666666666666668   18.333333333333332

Ref T6580

Reviewers: raster, cedric

Subscribers: cedric, jpeg

Maniphest Tasks: T6580

Differential Revision: https://phab.enlightenment.org/D5738