Efl.Ui.Calendar, elm_calendar: Code fixed to support auto repeat feature.

Authored by Woochan Lee <wc0917.lee@samsung.com> on Jul 22 2018, 11:49 PM.


Efl.Ui.Calendar, elm_calendar: Code fixed to support auto repeat feature.


  1. Why there is a edje signal callback in elm_calendar? and do we need to maintain?

    We used edje part like a button before (3 years ago?), So there is a callbacks to get edje signal.

    Im pretty sure it is not use anymore. but we need to maintain backward compatibility.
  1. elm_calendar using using repeat feature in efl_ui_button for it. why did i change it to manual timer?

    We opend elm_calendar_interval_set() APIs. Support this API the manual timer is proper then using button's feature.
  1. why scroll freeze? and why only elm_calendar does it?

    When the user long press calendar button area and then move the scroll will be activated. it can prevent that weird action.

    efl_ui_calendar using button's feature. i not sure scroll freeze is deserve to attached in button side as a feature or not.

    So i will consider more for this case.
  1. Why efl_ui_calendar doesn't have year buttons (double spinner case)

    After interface work, we don't accept style change in the runtime. so that featrue will be supported as API.

    The year_button_set/get() property should be added. but i dont know is it really needed...

    If the app developer want use year inc/dec button for efl_ui_calendar. they can inherit the class and make it easily.

Test Plan:
View, Action, API test in the elementary-test sample App.

Ps. The issue of the calendar2 crash when it closed. It's not relative with this commit. its focus. i will look around.

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Differential Revision: https://phab.enlightenment.org/D6626