evas_map: draw what map did not draw before.

Authored by kimcinoo on Aug 13 2019, 8:39 PM.


evas_map: draw what map did not draw before.

When a map property is changed, map draws it.
Before drawing, evas_object_map_update updates map->spans which is data for
actual drawing. But if changed_map is false, then evas_object_map_update does
not update map->spans.

Usually mapped object has following step.

(1) change map data (evas_map_point_coord_set)
(2) render_pre
(3) evas_object_map_update updates map->spans if changed_map is true.
(4) render
(5) render_post -> evas_object_cur_prev -> "map->prev = map->cur"

But if mapped object hides at step(1), then step(3),(4) does not happen. But
step(4) map->prev keeps changed map data. After this point, If same map data
comes, then map does not draw it. Because the new data is same with map->prev.

The issue occurs with following step.
(A) point_coord_set with point A.
(B) (2)(3)(4)(5) works.
(C) point_coord_set with point B. And hide.
(D) (2)(5) wokrs.
(E) point_coord_set with point A. still hide, so none of (2)(3)(4)(5) work.
(F) point_coord_set with point B. And show.
(G) (2)(3)(4)(5) works. BUT step(3) does not update map->spans because
changed_map is false. So you can see image of point A.

The changed_map is changed to false after updating map->spans at step(3).
So usually changed_map is false before deciding changed_map of next render.
In case of not rendering (but render_pre/post) after map data is changed, the
changed_map keeps true. So this patch was suppose to make changed_map
false if changed_map is already ture before _evas_map_calc_map_geometry
decides changed_map which occurs step(1). true changed_map indicates that
you need to draw even though new map data is same with previous map data.

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Reviewed By: Hermet

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Tags: efl

Differential Revision: https://phab.enlightenment.org/D9476


HermetAug 13 2019, 8:39 PM
Differential Revision
D9476: evas_map: draw what map did not draw before.
rEFLb8d174738216: efl_ui_layout: fix typo in _sizing_eval