c#: Implement IList<T> to Eina.List.

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c#: Implement IList<T> to Eina.List.

Container can have three configuration over Own and OwnContent:
Own = true and OwnContent = true;
Own = true and OwnContent = false;
Own = falseand `OwnContent = false;
If someone try to instanciate the container with Own = false and OwnContent = true, a exception raises.

There is two Ownerships' behaviours in c#, where IsReadOnly is responsible and IsReadOnly = !OwnContent:
Full Ownership: User can use modify/Add/Remove operations over the container, this is implemented with OwnContent = true.
No Ownership: User cannot use modify/Add/Remove operations, this is implemented with OwnContent = false.

For the memory, Own frees the node, while OwnContent frees the data portion.
ref T8487

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