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The Enlightenment project (or just "E" for short, as we will often call it in this guide) provides useful libraries, a graphical environment and other applications as well as development tools for creating such applications. In this guide we will discover only the Enlightenment 0.17 graphical environment. The first question that perhaps will appear in your brain is "Why don't you call it just a window manager?". The answer is, that actually it's not a window manager, and in the same time, it is. Yes, it's dealing with the windows, it manages them. But this is just part of it's functionality. It can also manage your files - there is a built-in file manager.
There are also built-in graphical tools to control things like your screen resolution, your mouse speed and more. Also, it has modularized structure, so there are modules for lots of things - monitor your hardware, image viewing, weather information and so on. We will cover all this features in this guide, so keep reading.

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