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ACPI Bindings
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NOTE: To use ACPI Bindings from the 'Advanced' section in the Settings Panel, ACPI Bindings Settings Module must be enabled using 'Extensions'->'Modules' in the Settings Panel, or under 'Modules' in 'Settings' via the Main Menu.

In addition, ACPI must be enabled for your system (some distros will have it enabled by default anyway).

Once enabled, the ACPI Bindings Module looks similar to the 'Mouse Bindings' or 'Key Bindings' Modules under the Input section.

Binding an ACPI command is similar to binding a Key, let's use "suspend by closing the notebook lid" as an example:

  1. Click 'Add Binding' in the left Column of the ACPI Bindings Module Window.
  2. When prompted by the dialog to 'trigger the ACPI event', shut your notebook lid.
  3. Reopen the notebook lid, in the left column a description should appear 'Lid Closed' (or similar).
  4. Select this new entry in the left column, and in the right column select an action, for example 'Suspend Now'.
  5. Click 'Apply' at the bottom of the ACPI Binding Module Window. Click 'Close' next to 'Apply'.
  6. Shut your notebook lid and watch your machine suspend. Open the lid and watch it resume. All right...

You can find a 'Lock on Suspend' checkbox under the 'Screen Lock' item in the 'Screen' section of the Settings Panel for security.

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