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Enlightenment for Artists
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Being an artist for Enlightenment-based software means being familiar with Edje. These theme files are used for every level of themeing an application regardless of the software developer using the Elementary widget set or creating his own widgets from scratch.


Right now there is not a complete and updated manual for designing Edje themes, the language itself is simple and many designers might find browsing the source of decompiled themes will be enough to get themselves started.

There are a couple of introductory texts:

  • The slightly outdated Edje Book.
  • The book EFL: A Big Picture has a more programmer-minded approach to the basics in Chapter 5 but its the most up-to-date.
  • The small introduction to Edje Basics found in this wiki (not ready yet).

EDC Reference

Once the basics have been learnt the automatically generated EDC Refrence can be used for a complete list of blocks and properties available along with their description and possible values. This list is useful for those writting the EDC source files from scratch or using design software.


NOTE: TODO: Add a list to external and internal tutorials for designers here//

Useful Applications

  • Editje: A full blow graphical Edje editor.
  • Edje Viewer: View an interact with your compiled Edje files.


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