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E17 with the help of the Enlightenment Foundation Library can do amazing graphical stuff, but E17 by itself don't really use that much from it. So here are a list of art work that could help improve E17 awesomeness effect.

  • Weather Module: Today weather widget need to be much more dynamic, the work started with EWeather ( ), but it need to be better integrated in E desktop. You can also look at for more idea. Perhaps not video like this, but you got the point :-) We need moon, sun, cloud and so on, with animation and effect.
  • Calendar Module: We need a better look for the calendar module. It should be able to display a full date and time if the module is displayed in a big enough way. The month popup could also look better and the mockup can include way to display/add/remove events to a specific day, week, month.

You can send all you first mockup to the E users mailing-list to have feedback before doing more work. We will welcome all contribution !

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