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Changing the wallpaper using a ready to use .edj file
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Customizing E has never been so easy; and .edj files are your friends! .edj is the file format used by E for all desktop niceties: from a simple picture to wrap your desktop up to a full customized theme featuring an animated background, they all are .edj.

Find more of them either on or on if it's not obvious why a simple picture has to be ".edj-ed" to become a background (after all, your desktop configurator tool can translate .png or .jpg images to .edj for you to use them as backgrounds), for animated ones it's the right format: download them straight in ~/.e/e/backgrounds & voilà they'll be available in your collection on the left-hand side of MainMenu > Settings > Wallpaper.

It's worth notice that E now features an Online Search tool within it's wallpaper configurator: beside the choice of Gradient & Picture, the Online button drives you, well, online actually, and takes care for you of dropping your choice of wallpaper in the right place on your drive.

How easier would you like it to be?

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