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Commit Check Point
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Patch Review

This page is for contributors and patch reviewers.
Please refer this page when you make or review patches.

Check Point


  • Remove all build warnings.
    • preferred build option: -W -Wall -Wextra -Wshadow -Wpointer-arith -Wno-missing-field-initializers
  • No API/ABI break after a release.
  • A new API needs to come with unit tests covering it
  • Regression test.
    • Working features should work after the new patch.
  • Use Arcanist and Review | Submission for patch upload.
  • Keep it clean and small.
    • Separate your patches for each feature.
  • Separate formatting fix patch from other changes.
  • Since efl/elementary 1.9, you do not need to manually update NEWS and ChangeLog files. Stefan will do this when he does a next release cycle. Refer the following ilnk.

  • Last but not least, please do a self review before submitting a patch.



  • Add 'const' to getters if you will not change the return object/value.
    • ex) EAPI Eina_Bool elm_genlist_item_flip_get(const Elm_Object_Item *it);
  • Test your code.
    • Test your code with some new/existing samples.
  • Add sample code.
    • Add sample code to the patch. In case of elementary, add your new feature sample into elementary_test (src/bin).
  • No #ifdef APIs in the header.
  • API addition: DO NOT FORGET to add @since in the doc for the version from which this API is available, to update !ChangeLog and NEWS files. The version must be of the form major_version.minor_version, no micro version.
  • We do not require or encourage allocation failure checks of allocations of small (open to interpretation) chunks of memory.


  • Remove default properties from edc
    • mouse_events: 1
    • rel1.relative: 0 0
    • rel2.relative: 1 1

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