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How to set up a (virtual) machine for guides that require the reader to install dependencies
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A good way to approach writing install documentation that requires dependencies coming from the distro's own repos is to always use a virgin install of the distro in question. Like this, you won't miss a package you may already have installed inadvertently with some other package.

You could proceed as follows:

  1. Install a virtual machine manager of choice (I use the community version of VirtualBox, but pick your poison).
  1. Install the distro you're going to cover. Make sure you accept only defaults and avoid things like updates and packages from third parties.
  1. Use your virtual machine manager's Snapshot tool to take a snapshot post-OS installation but before you attempt to make any changes. Name the snapshot 'Fresh' or similar.
  1. Begin the process you are documenting.
  1. To restore to the original state, use the Snapshot tool to revert to the 'Fresh' snapshot.
  1. Rinse and repeat.
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