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Updated 2,177 Days AgoPublic points to the latest official snapshot, the version that main package set should use. See below for more information.

E17 binary packages

According to Release Schedule, E17 needs binary packages.
This page is about binary packaging for Enlightenment, a list of packages, a schedule etc.

Please review the Release Plan to get the general info.

Applications, Libraries and Modules

After discussion with rasterman, it was opted to have 2 sets of packages, the main and extras:

  • main: packages targeted at Enlightenment DR17 release and that are actively developed. These are basically Enlightenment and its dependencies.
  • extras: packages not targeted at DR17, from third party or that are not actively maintained or supported, like entrance or rage. Third party software like canola and ecomorph should go here. This does not mean software there is broken, they should not be!

Press releases and other official announcements will always point to main repository. Individuals and contributors to extras can have a central place to add their software and freely announce this repository extra-officially.


These packages must be packaged using the recommended revision or snapshot tarballs whenever we issue them. Packaging must be coordinated with developers and must follow ReleaseSchedule.

NamePathAdditional info
Einatrunk/einaData types library (List, hash, etc)
Eettrunk/eetFile chunk reading/writing library
Evastrunk/evasAdvanced 2D canvas library
Ecoretrunk/ecoreCore abstraction layer for enlightenment DR 0.17
Embryotrunk/embryoSMALL-based abstract machine (AMX) bytecode interpreter
Edjetrunk/edjeGraphical layout and animation library based on Evas
E_Dbustrunk/e_dbusD-Bus and HAL wrapper libraries for use with the Ecore
Efreettrunk/efreetEFL implementation library
Enlightenmenttrunk/eEnlightenment desktop shell
Elementarytrunk/TMP/st/elementaryNew widget toolkit created by raster.


These packages are free and may not follow ReleaseSchedule, but in order to collaborate and save packagers time, it would be good to follow it. Actively developed software like EWL and Canola have their own development cycle and packagers and developers should communicate before doing packages or software snapshots.

This table lists the last known good revision of each software. Please try to keep it as "HEAD" or equivalent, always reporting problems to authors. However, if for some brief period the software is in bad state, state the last good revision below. If a software is broken for long time, consider removing it from this list and repositories.

Not in SVN = In italic

NamePathGood RevisionAdditional info
Epsilontrunk/epsilonHEADEFL thumbnailing library - will be removed soon
Ethumbtrunk/PROTO/ethumbHEADEFL thumbnailing library
Esmarttrunk/esmartHEADThe Esmart Prototype Library
Emotiontrunk/emotionHEADVideo playback library used in Enlightenment DR0.17
Exmltrunk/exmlHEADEnlightenment XML parsing library
Ewltrunk/ewlHEADEnlightenment widget library - widget toolkit based on EFL
Etktrunk/etkHEADEnlightenment ToolKit - another EFL-based widget toolkit
Exchangetrunk/PROTO/exchangeHEADThe enlightened way how to exchange stuff.
EcompJeffdameth's GITHUBmasterCompiz port for E17
Ecomorph-EnlightenmentJeffdameth's GITHUBmasterE17 modifed to use with Ecomorph, built with exchange support.
Emprinttrunk/emprintHEADE17 screenshooter app
Exalttrunk/PROTO/exaltHEADNetwork manager based on EFL
Edje Editortrunk/edje_editorHEADAn application for editing edje files graphically written in Etk
Edje Viewertrunk/edje_viewerHEADAn application for viewing edje files graphically written in Elementary
Elitairetrunk/elitaireHEADSolitaire card game based on EFL
Estickiestrunk/estickiesHEADSticky notes based on Etk
Expeditetrunk/expediteHEADEvas benchmarking application
Image Viewertrunk/PROTO/image-viewerHEADSimple image viewer based on Elementary
Enlightenment Modules
Alarmtrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/alarmHEADA module to set Alarms in Enlightenment DR17.
Blingtrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/blingHEADCompositing manager module based on xcompmgr.
Calendartrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/calendarHEADProvides a nice calendar gadget.
ConfigMenutrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/configmenuHEADAdds configuration panel items/categories into main menu.
CPUtrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/cpuHEADA gadget monitoring CPU load
Deskshowtrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/deskshowHEADShow desktop gadget for E17
DiskIOtrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/diskioHEADA gadget monitoring I/O of a hard disk
Drawertrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/drawerHEADA drawer module, which is/will be able to present different types of information
EFM Navigationtrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/efm_navHEADProvides a gadget for navigating in current EFM window
EFM Pathtrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/efm_pathHEADProvides an entry with current path in filemanager
EFM Pathbartrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/efm_pathbarHEADPathbar module for EFM
Exalt clienttrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/exalt-clientHEADThe exalt-client provides a module frontend for exalt network manager.
ExecWatchtrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/execwatchHEADE17 for monitoring frequent command results
Flamesource:trunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/flameHEADAn E17 module that draws flames on the desktop
Forecaststrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/forecastsHEADAn E17 module which displays weather forecasts
Iiirktrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/iiirkHEADThe Iiirk module acts like a taskbar for selected applications only.
Languagetrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/languageHEADAn E17 module that manages keyboard layouts and more.
Mailtrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/mailHEADAn E17 module for checking mailboxes.
Memtrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/memHEADAn E17 memory monitoring module.
Moontrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/moonHEADMoon Clock module for Enlightenment.
MPDuletrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/mpduleHEADMPD module for Enlightenment
Nettrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/netHEADAn E17 network interface monitor module
Newstrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/newsHEADAn E17 module to display feeds like Rss or Atom on the desktop.
Notificationtrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/notificationHEADAn E17 module which provides a notification daemon for E17.
Penguinstrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/penguinsHEADAn E17 module to display penguins on the desktop.
Phototrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/photoHEADAn E17 module which displays pictures in a slideshow.
Placestrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/placesHEADA module for managing volumes attached to the system.
Raintrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/rainHEADAn E17 module which displays falling rainsdrops on the desktop.
Screenshottrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/screenshotHEADAn E17 module which enables the user to take screenshots.
Slideshowtrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/slideshowHEADAn E17 module which changes the desktop background on a given interval.
Snowtrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/snowHEADAn E17 module which displays falling snow flakes on the desktop.
System traytrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/systrayHEADE17 system tray module.
Taskbartrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/taskbarHEADAn E17 taskbar module.
TClocktrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/tclockHEADAn E17 module which displays a digital clock on the desktop.
Tilingtrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/tilingHEADAn E17 module which tiles windows in a way they don't overlap.
Uptimetrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/uptimeHEADAn E17 module indicating the system's current uptime in a configurable interval.
Weathertrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/weatherHEADAn E17 module displaying the current weather conditions.
WinSelectortrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/winselectorHEADAn E17 module providing menu-based access to all windows.
WLANtrunk/E-MODULES-EXTRA/wlanHEADAn E17 module monitoring the link quality of a wireless network.
iTaskiTask-module googlecode projectHEADProvides a better taskbar than the 'taskbar' module. Has more options etc.
iTask-NGiTask-module googlecode projectHEADA Mac OS X-like dock.
Winlist-NGiTask-module googlecode projectHEADBetter replacement for winlist module.
Trashe17mods googlecode projectHEADEfreet-based trash module. Requires Thunar filemanager when EFM does not support trash:/// path.
Edgare17mods googlecode projectHEADA module which allows to use edje files as gadgets.
ExtraMenue17mods googlecode projectHEADAllows you to make submenus in main menu with fdo .directory and .menu files.
Other python stuff sources-C-Extensions for Python, based on Pyrex - Ubuntu Hardy only, to build pyefl sources-Virtual Keyboard module for Python, Debian only
Python Bindings
Python-evastrunk/BINDINGS/python/python-evasHEADEvas bindings for Python
Python-ecoretrunk/BINDINGS/python/python-ecoreHEADEcore bindings for Python
Python-e_dbustrunk/BINDINGS/python/python-e_dbusHEADE_Dbus bindings for Python
Python-edjetrunk/BINDINGS/python/python-edjeHEADEdje bindings for Python
Python-elementarytrunk/BINDINGS/python/python-elementaryHEADElementary bindings for Python
Python-emotiontrunk/BINDINGS/python/python-emotionHEADEmotion bindings for Python
Python-epsilontrunk/BINDINGS/python/python-epsilonHEADEFL thumbnailing library - python bindings - will be removed soon
Python-ethumbtrunk/BINDINGS/python/python-ethumbHEADEFL thumbnailing library - python bindings
Python-etktrunk/BINDINGS/python/python-etkHEADEtk bindings for Python
Python-efl_utilstrunk/BINDINGS/python/python-efl_utilsHEADMisc EFL utilies for Python
Python Applications
Keystrunk/PROTO/keysHEADPython-EFL based virtual keyboard application
Shellementarytrunk/PROTO/shellementaryHEADZenity replacement written with Python-Elementary
Canola stuff
Python-Dispatcher------Python utilities to work with threads
Light media scannerMaemomasterLightweight media scanner meant to be used in not-so-powerful devices, like embedded ystems or old machines.
LMS - Python bindingsMaemomasterPython bindings for Light media scanner
Python-downloadmanagerOpenbossa GITmasterPython classes to work with download manager
Python-terraOpenbossa GITmasterFramework to build Canola-like applications
AtabakeOpenbossa GITmasterMedia engine framework with default gstreamer backend
Canola ThumbnailerOpenbossa GITmasterCanola thumbnail generator
Canola DaemonOpenbossa GITmasterCanola Daemon is responsible for watching selected folders for new media files.
CanolaOpenbossa GITmasterMedia center based on python-efl

Packages available for Your Distribution

Released VersionArchNotes/(Issues Reported)Packager*
Fedora Core
Fedora-12x86, x86-64Notessda00
Mandriva-2008*x86, x86-64Notessda00
Mandriva-2009x86, x86-64Notessda00
Mandriva-2010x86, x86-64Notessda00
SUSE (openSUSE/SLE core)
SLE-11x86, x86-64Notessda00
openSUSE-11.0x86, x86-64Notes[E17BinaryPackages/OBS sda00]
openSUSE-11.1x86, x86-64Notes[E17BinaryPackages/OBS sda00]
openSUSE-11.2x86, x86-64Notes[E17BinaryPackages/OBS sda00]
SUSE (openSUSE extra)
openSUSE-11.2x86, x86-64Notessda00
Windows XPx86Notesvtorri


If your Linux/*BSD/Other distro is not listed above - please contact the maintainer of your respective distribution and advise to send the e-mail to the e-devel mailing list.

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