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NetBeans has powerful C/C++ development possibilities, and can be used with minor setup to work with E-based projects.
Following instructions are based on NetBeans 8.1 and use Terminology as example application.



First, check if you have Java 8 or higher already installed in your system. Try launching:
java -version
If you have Java 8 or higher already installed in your system, proceed to next chapter.
If you don't, there are two options to choose from:

  • JRE provided by your distribution, you will probably need java-1.8.0-openjdk package installed.
  • Official JRE builds from Oracle, to get them go to Java SE Downloads page and download latest tar.gz package of JRE for your system.


Go to NetBeans downloads, choose OS Independent Zip at the top and press Download button at the bottom of C/C++ column.
Unpack both JRE and NetBeans, and edit netbeans/etc/netbeans.conf:

  • Uncomment netbeans_jdkhome parameter and change it with the path to your unpacked JRE.
  • By default JRE chooses server-oriented garbage collector optimized for 10+ GB heap and NetBeans will appear sluggish with it. You can switch garbage collectors for both new generation and old generation heaps and use 32 bit references to make NetBeans faster. For the netbeans_default_options option, add following to make it faster: -J-XX:+UseCompressedOops -J-XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -J-XX:+UseParNewGC


  • in NetBeans, go to Team - Git - Clone
  • copy the terminology git url into the field and press Next:
  • leave the master branch selected and press Next
  • change Parent Directory to your liking and uncheck the "Scan for NetBeans Projects" checkbox
  • wait for NetBeans to finish cloning (progress bar at the right side of status bar)

Setup Project

  • when the cloning is finished, the window will popup with suggestion to create a new project from the downloaded sources, press "Create Project"
  • alternatively, go to File - New Project
  • in the project type select "C/C++ Project with Existing Sources"
  • copy the path to the sources folder into the folder field, select Custom from Configuration Modes and press Next
  • check the "Pre-Build Step is Required" checkbox
  • into the Custom Command field insert the following (change prefix accordingly) and press Next: CFLAGS=-g3 ./ --disable-silent-rules --disable-static --prefix=/home/user/NetBeansProjects/terminology-build
  • terminology cannot be launched without executing make install, so to the "Build Command" field add "install" at the end
  • make sure that "Clean and Build after Finish" checkbox is checked
  • press Next accepting default options till the Finish
  • press Finish and wait for NetBeans to configure and build the project
  • in Project window, press right button on the project and go to Properties
  • choose Make category
  • change "Build Result" field to "../terminology-build/bin/terminology" (or full path to the terminology binary using your prefix from the autogen step above)
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