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Efl And Elementary 1 18
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EFL and Elementary 1.18 release plan

Release is planned for July 4th 2016:

The 1.18 cycle will be different from the normal 3 months rhythm we had the last 9 (!) release cycles. It should be an exception though and we should go back to the normal rhythm with 1.19.

1.18 will be on a longer schedule as we have two major things we need to coordinate together and that would just not work in our three months schedule. We are merging Elementary into EFL and getting the EFL Interface (aka EFL 2.0 API) finalised.


2016-02-02 Merge window for 1.18 opens
(2016-05-14 Enlightenment Developer Days in Paris. This should be the point where the major work is done and we discuss left overs and how to fix them for 1.18)
2016-05-17 Technical preview tarballs for packagers (did not happen)
2016-05-30 Notice about soon ending merge window
2016-07-13 Notice about soon ending merge window
2016-06-06 Merge window is over.
2016-07-18 Merge window is over.
* Only bug fixes from this point
* Alpha release tarball
* One month stabilization phase starts
2016-06-13 Beta1 release tarball
2016-07-25 Beta1 release tarball
* Only critical fixes from this point
2016-06-20 Beta2 release tarball
2016-08-01 Beta2 or final release depending on bug count
2016-06-27 Beta3 release tarball
2016-07-04 EFL 1.18 is out (First Monday in July)
2016-08-16 Final release if it was not ready a week before


{C29} {C30}

Slightly Changed Commit Message Format

To ease the generating of the NEWS files we have changed the commits message policy slightly.
Please make yourself comfortable with it at:

Release News and Changes

With this release we will also change the way we handle our NEWS and ChangeLog files.

We see the value they provide. Giving users and packagers an overview of what happened in this release. On the other hand they cause us major pain with merge conflicts when working in branches or backporting. It also results in quite an overhead to update them all the time. We are going to try get you this information somehow different this cycle.

Please don't update NEWS or ChangeLog. The NEWS file will be generated before the final release and instead of the ChangeLog we now recommend the normal git log for details.

For bugfixes always put the phab bug number into the commit message. For bigger features don't spare characters on the commit message to descriptive what it aims for and what it will provide to us. I will read through the commit log at the end of each merge window and try to summarize whats in there on our release announcement page which will be the base for the release announcement mails, etc. Please help me with that by having good commit messages or filling in sections about your changes.

If you want to provide a longer description of the new feature you added please go to and add your text there and I will try to integrate it into the final announcement.

Suggestions to Developers

  • Work on a bigger feature in a branch and once its ready bring it over in one go to master in one of the merge windows.
  • For bigger features please have some description for me to put into the release notes. If you also want to provide screenshots or a video be my guest.
  • Have descriptive and in general good commit messages. I will read through them for the release notes and yell at you if they are bad.
  • If you fix a bug from phab always put in the phab bug number
  • If you have something big and disruptive please bring it in at the first merge window to allow enough time for testing and fixing
  • We are also doing 1.17.x point releases during the 1.18 development cycle. Please keep in mind to backport them to the 1.17 stable branch. This is way easier for efl now as we had the first release with the merged tree now.
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