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Efl Apps Todo
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The following is a list of wanted EFL/ELM based applications or new integrations. Feel free to add your app request to the community list below :). If you're looking to build a new app this is a great list to pick from!

Core apps

  • Display Manager, either fix Entrance ( initial fork to fix ) or use Spawny/Anna or Enter (lightdm-efl interface)
  • Add eet/edj type detection to the 'file' command
  • Add ability to record desktop T5373
  • Task Manager GUI (like exterminator but native without python)

Additions to EFL / Enlightenment

  • Clipboard/paste manager e21+ Clipboard Module
  • Network Manager Interface/Module ( work in progress using legacy api oconnection )
  • Print Dialog T6229
  • Improve Screenshot tool to be able to select a region of screen or a window and to be able to copy the content and to paste the image in other applications (like XFCE screenshot tool does)
  • Easy and quick screen configure dialog/popup quickscreen | T6977

Wished for apps

  • Pinentry interface GnuPG T2905
  • Add support for HP-Systray via python-efl
  • Secure password storage implementation (gnome-keyring/kwallet)
  • MTP support, ideally in existing file manager, auto mount, but maybe additional GUI?
  • Email client ( RFC )
  • Further enjoy audio player to be more like Rhythmbox (gtk) and Juk (qt) able to edit ID3 Tags, etc
  • Hex Editor like Ghex, Okteta, etc
  • kdesu / gnome-su replacement.
  • EFL Web Browser
  • News aggregator (RSS/Atom reader) - something like Liferea
  • RDP/VNC client - something like Remmina
  • okular or evince like application (etui)
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