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Efl Overview
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Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL)

There are two categories of libraries:

  • Core - required to compile EFL application and will be part of 1.8 merged tree release.
  • Experimental - libraries are often temporary creations during development of project. They are likely to disappear or be integrated into other libraries.
Library CategoryLibraryFunctionDescription
CoreEvasGraphicsCanvas object and rendering
CoreEdjeGraphicsHigher level graphical object abstraction
CoreEinaUtilityData structures and utilities
CoreEetUtilityData encoding and decoding to and from files or memory
CoreEcoreSystemCore loop and OS interfacing libraries standards compliance
CoreEdbusSystemDBus usage convenience library
CoreEezeSystemUDev access library
CoreEmbryoUtilityEmbedded Small Interpreter
CoreElementaryGraphicsWidget set library
CoreEmotionGraphicsMedia playback integration library
CoreEioUtilityEfficient I/O over file system (cp, mv, rm, stat, ls...)
CoreEthumbUtilityCreates thumbnail images, videos and documents
CoreEvilSystemWindows compatibility layer
CoreEscapeSystemPS3 compatibility layer
CoreExoticSystemOther system compatibily layer
ExperimentalEupnpNetworkingImplements UPnP standard
ExperimentalEyesightUtilityReads various document formats (PDF, PS..)
ExperimentalAzyNetworkingAll kind of HTTP related protocol
ExperimentalShotgunNetworkingXMPP implementation
ExperimentalEsskyuehlUtilityAsynchronous database layer for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite
ExperimentalEmailNetworkingIMAP/POP/SMTP library
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