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Eflete Ewe Todo
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Eflete & Ewe TODO

This page is for Eflete TODO list.



  • add missing API to the Edje Edit module;
  • add to the part property new property according to added Edje Edit API's;
  • move to workspace the groupedit logic (delete extra wrappers);
  • hotkeys;
  • undo/redo;
  • zoom in the workspace;
  • LiveView:
    • emit signal to layout;
    • set content (colored rectangle) to the swallow parts;
    • set text to all parts with type TEXT and TEXTBLOCK;
    • make a property for LiveView; (finished for this state)
  • preference;
  • new Style editor (Style Editor UI);
  • extend functionalty for signal list;
  • extend Image editor:
    • add several images to gallery (include to edj file);
    • view images with compression type USER;
    • add to gallery external folder with images, then to add these images to edj file;
  • new Color class editor, with color pallette;
  • Script editor for the Program editor;
  • Fonts editor (viewer);
  • Sound editor (viewer);
  • User Guide, Video user guide


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