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Elementary Settingspane
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Elementary Setingspane

A widget to display settings.

Words to know

A panel is meant as Evas_Object which is displaying the result of a content_get_cb, after a item is selected.
A Item is something you can append to other Items or just to NULL.
Appending a Item to NULL will append the new Item to level 0.
Appending a Item to another Item will result it the new item is a child of the passed item.

If a Item has no children you can attach a content_cb, which will be called when the item is selected.
If the item has a attached content_cb, no children can be appended anymore.


Screenshots will follow, this widget is under development, it could look completly different within 1 commit :)


Initial view if the widget gets visible:


If you select a item with a attached content_cb:


If a Item has other children:


In the top left corner is a arrow, you can go back in the history with it.

Top right corner is a search textfield entering things there will end up in a searchscreen with results.

The blue underlined text are links in a entry, they have a callback to just focus the linked item in the widget. This will bring up the linked panel.

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