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Elementary Release
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This page is for elementary release. Now it's on its way to version 1.0.

Announcement by Carsten Haitzler

On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 11:44 AM, Carsten Haitzler <> wrote:
Let's get this show on the road.

So people have been asking for dates... I say March 1. get it out so we can
focus on E17 then. Cedric - this means Emotion, EIO, Ethumb too - right? what
about epdf? of course this also needs a new round of efl (eina, evas, edje
etc.) releases too. get cracking. freeze by 27th of feb! :)


  • Close elementary tickets.
  • Contribute more Samsung widgets.
  • Remove deprecated APIs.
    1. Jiyoun Park (jypark)
  • API Review.
    1. Tom Hacohen(tasn)
    2. Daniel Juyung Seo(seoz)
    3. Chuneon Park(hermet)
    4. Woohyun Jung(woohyun)
    5. SanjeevBA(sanjeevkb)
    6. Carsten Haitzler(raster)
  • Documentation
    1. Supported elm_object common APIs.
    2. Supported elm_object_item common APIs.
  • Merge genlist and gengrid. (This may not be done for 1.0. Let's discuss.)


  • API Freeze : 28th Feb.
  • 1.0 Release : 1st Mar.




Review Comments

Tom Hacohen

General comments:

  • Should we have an hook for insert_after/before/whatever in eina_object_item? Either an hook or some general "updated" method. Current status is just retarded - all the widgets implement the same functions.
  • elm_*_items_get sometimes returns const sometimes allocated values (ui inconsistency across Elm).

Widget specific:

  1. Anchorblock: Should DIE - preferably a slow and painful death.
  2. Anchorview: Should be merged into Entry
  3. Kinda internal, but matters when it comes to theme: should use elm_scroller not els_scroller - ui mirroring is broken now.
  4. fileselector/fs_button/fs_entry: elm_fileselector_expandable_set should probably be called: tree_view or something.
  5. hoversel: elm_hoversel_hover_parent_set - parent is probably not the best choice of word here (also applies to ctxpopup).
  6. multibutton entry:
    1. docs are lacking.
    2. name sucks
    3. should use the elm_object_part_text_set to set guide text.
    4. shrink_mode is an awful name.
    5. bugs: offset bug with the "tap to add recipient" + delete doesn't delete items but backspace does.
  7. naviframe:
    1. docs are incomplete. for example: pop_to + elm_naviframe_content_preserve_on_pop_set sounds like the hackiest thing ever.
    2. all the api looks like it was created as workarounds for issues instead of designed from the start. - really, everything should be rewritten.
  8. actionslider: good.
  9. elm_app: good.
  10. elm_box: good.
  11. bg: elm_bg_load_size_get sounds awfully hackish - must be a better awy.
  12. entry: Filter_Limit_Size and Filter_Accept_Set are awful in my pov. The API looks bad.

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