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What is desksanity?

desksanity is a playground module for various effects and features which are not consistent with Enlightenment QA practices for reasons including:

  • incompleteness
  • conflicting design philosophy
  • danger

desksanity effects may have issues which break the compositor in various ways; these are bugs in the desksanity module, and issues discovered with this module loaded should be filed with the desksanity project.


Desk flip animations

Enabled by default if flip animations are not globally disabled.

Move/Resize ruler

Creates an overlay with glowing lines to more clearly indicate window geometries.


Attempt at creating a magnifier using only compositor APIs. Not intended for general use.


Smoothly animate when maximizing or fullscreening a window. Disabled for any window with CSD.


Picture-in-Picture mode. Create miniature copies of windows as overlays with optional resizing/cropping using the window menu.

  • Requires 'advanced compositing features' option to be enabled.


A winlist-like feature which provides a scrollable list of windows based on the activated version of the binding action.

The Superkey

An action intended to be bound to the right Menu key on the keyboard. Activating the action will switch a window in this order of priority:

  1. Urgent window
  2. Last-used window on other virtual desktop
    • Sticky windows are activated on whichever desktop they were last used

Activating the superkey repeatedly will flip back through the last-used desktops in the order which they were most-recently used.

Known Issues

All configuration options for desksanity are in Settings->Desksanity menu. There is currently no configuration panel.

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