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Module maintainer: @DaveMDS

Python Gadgets Loader

This module load python gadgets in Enlightenment.


The module is in the official enlightenment GIT.
To get the latest version use the command:

git clone git://


  • Enlightenment >= 0.17
  • Python >= 3.2 (also the -dev package if your disto need them)
  • Python-EFL >= 1.11 (built for python3)
  • python3-dbus (for the audio gadget)
  • python3-psutil (for CPU and MEM gadgets)


To install the edgar module use the standard:

(sudo) make install

If py3 is not the default on your system you need to specify the version:


Gadgets are in the GADGETS/ folder, to install them just use:

(sudo) make install

How to write your own gadget

I suggest to start from the ruler gadget, just copy it's folder and start hacking.
A minimal gadget require:

base_folder/   (need to have the same name as the gadget)
  Makefile     (the provided makefile should work for you)  (the gadget python script)
  gadget.edc   (the gadget edje file)

Look at the file (in the python/ folder in sources) for more documentation.

The Audio gadget

This gadget provide PulseAudio + mpris2 integration.

It use dbus to speak with PulseAudio, thus you need to enable the dbus protocol in pulse:

pactl load-module module-dbus-protocol

or, for a persistent solution, edit /etc/pulse/ and add the line:

load-module module-dbus-protocol

Usage tips:

  • the main speaker act on the pulse fallback channel, you can change that using the pavucontrol application.
  • mouse-wheel on the speaker to change volume.
  • middle-click on the speaker or any slider to toggle mute.

The CPU gadget

A multicore CPU monitor. Require the psutil python3 package to work.
The screenshot show the gadget running a quadcore system, each bar is a core.
Left-click on the gadget to show a top-like list of all running processes, ordered by cpu utilization.

The Memory gadget

Ram and swap monitor, the perfect companion of the cpu gadget. Require the psutil python3 package to work.
The first bar is the ram, the second is the swap utilization. Left-click on the gadget to show detailed info.

The Dropbox gadget

A simple gadget that show the dropbox daemon status, it also have the ability to start/stop the daemon.

The LedClock gadget

Usage tips:

  • click on the first led column to trigger 3 different fancy animations.
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