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Module maintainer: @DaveMDS

E17 Penguins Module

A module that display fancy penguins around your desktop.
You can choose the number and the size of the penguins, and also change the population type.
They walk over your windows, climb off the screen, fly and do some funny actions.
The module is practically a clone of the good’old XPenguins, it use quite the same image format as xpenguins, thus themes can be easily converted from x to e penguins (and viceversa).


The module is hosted in the official enlightenment GIT but is not included as a standard module.
To get the latest version use the command:

git clone git://

The lemmings theme is also included in the main package.


To compile and install the module use the usual commands:

make install


{F8115, size=full}
{F8117, size=full}
{F8119, size=full}
{F8121, size=full}

Future plans

The penguins are really stupid now ;) I would like to implement some kind of AI to make the penguins do some more complex operation. Like interact eachother, notify the user any kind of information (ex: you have mail).

I also want to try e_phys to make penguins physic controlled.

How to contribute

I’m not a designer so the first thing I really need is some cool themes. I will do some other from various ’sprite fan site’ over the net, but the legal utilization of this images is unclear, and this don’t permit me to put these themes in the main package.

If you make a new theme please email it to me.

I would be happy to have some original themes to include in the main distribution.
To be more clear:

“To: All the designers out there”
“Msg: Please make some new original theme”

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