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Module maintainer: @DaveMDS

E17 Places Module

The places module show you all the filesystem devices attached to the system with some information (total space and free space) plus the addition to unmount/eject the device. Clicking on the volume icon will open the device in the filemanager (and mount it if necessary). The module also add a new menu in the E17 main menu.

{F8123, float, size=full} {F8125, size=full}

You can configure the module to automount devices (like usb keys) when attached to the system.
Here you can see the menu generated in the E17 main menu:

{F8128, size=full}


The module is in the official enlightenment GIT.
To get the latest version use the command:

git clone git://

NOTE: the master git branch need e19 to work, if you are using e17 or e18 from the stable release checkout the enlightenment-0.17 or enlightenment-0.18 branch instead.
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